May 28, 2023

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Zelensky: Putin can mark another achievement – he killed another pregnant woman. 25 localities were attacked

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, said after the rocket attacks in Kyiv, that Vladimir Putin can mark another “achievement”, he killed another pregnant woman.

The Ukrainian leader stated that in total, four people were killed and more than 25 localities in the country were attacked with rockets on Monday morning, and the drone attacks also took place during the evening. Zelenski states that the world can and must stop this terror and specifies that 37 “Shaheds”, Iranian drones and several cruise missiles were destroyed, writes

“In Kyiv, they killed a young family, targeting an apartment building with an Iranian “Shahed”. A man and a girl pregnant in 6 months… Vladimir Putin can mark another “achievement” – he killed another pregnant woman. In total, four people were killed by this “Shahed” alone. There were also other blows. More than 25 localities in our country were attacked this night and morning,” Zelenski said in his message to the people.

The president of Ukraine also says: “Right now there is a new attack with Russian drones”, which are shot down.

“The world can and must stop this terror. When we talk about Ukraine’s need for air and missile defense, we are talking about real lives being taken by terrorists. We manage to shoot down some of the missiles and drones. In just 12 hours, starting Sunday at 21:00, 37 Iranian “Shaheds” and several cruise missiles were destroyed. But in order to guarantee the protection of our skies and to reduce to zero the capabilities of Russian terrorists, we need much more modern air defense systems and a greater equipment of missiles for such systems”, says the Ukrainian leader.

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“Russia has no chance on the battlefield”

According to Zelensky, “this is not only the interest of Ukraine”. “The fewer terrorist opportunities Russia has, the sooner this war will end. Russia has no chance on the battlefield. And they try to cover their military defeats with terror. Why does he need terror? To put pressure on us, on Europe, on the whole world. Terrorists must be neutralized. This rule applies equally effectively everywhere and will affect Russian terror in the same way. When Russian terrorist capabilities are neutralized through joint efforts with our partners, Russia will have no other option but to think about peace,” Zelenskiy said.
The Ukrainian president also says that today’s Russian missile and drone attack also caused further power outages, but this is being resolved.

“Please take into account the request of the energy suppliers and consciously consume electricity during the peak hours of the energy system load. This will allow the whole country to go through this period more stably. Please help local communities deal with the aftermath of terrorist attacks if your business is able to do so. Please take care of your acquaintances and neighbors who are alone and need attention or help, especially the elderly. And don’t forget to thank those who are involved in the defense of our state and in eliminating the consequences of terrorist attacks, who maintain normal life despite any attempts by Russia to break it,” Zelensky conveys to Ukrainians.

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