September 29, 2022

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Zelenski is preparing a trial of the soldiers captured in Mariupol: “There will be no more negotiations with Russia”

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, declared, on Sunday evening, that a “show trial” is being prepared in Mariupol for the captured Ukrainian soldiers, stressing that Ukraine will not tolerate this.

The 180th day of our defense and a new week begins. The week we look forward to every year, because it is the time of our main holiday, the holiday of Ukraine – Independence Day. And this week the occupiers certainly did not expect it to be like that… They could not have imagined that even now, after six months of such a brutal war, we will celebrate our independence on our land and in our capital. But it is so. This is our land. This is our independence, which no one can break and no one can take away.. Everyone in Ukraine feels this. 180 days – almost six months – the absolute majority of our people have no doubt that we will achieve the victory of Ukraine. We are united, we are more confident now than we have been in many decades. And this is one of the foundations of our strength, of our power. And therefore it is one of the main targets for Russian terrorists. They strike at the feelings of Ukrainians, at the wounds in the souls of our people as well as in our cities… They strike cruelly, cynically. But with a different weapon. And not only with propaganda, not only with lies. The torture of people, of all those who suffer the greatest pain, the greatest difficulties, is one of the terrible means of pressure, which has become common for Russia”, said Zelenski, according to

The Ukrainian president stated that, according to media reports, “the stage is being prepared in Mariupol for an absolutely disgusting and absurd show trial of the Ukrainian defenders”, of our warriors who are captives of the occupiers.

“No matter what the occupiers think, no matter what they plan, the reaction of our state will be absolutely clear. If this despicable process takes place, if our people are brought to this landscape in violation of all agreements, all international rules, if there is abuse… This will be the line beyond which any negotiation is impossible. Russia will pull out of the negotiations. There will be no more talks. Our state has said everything. All partners of Ukraine have been informed about what the terrorist state can prepare this week. Today I spoke with the president Macron about all the threats. Turkish President Erdogan is also informed about all this. I am sure the UN Secretary General will also react. They and other world leaders have received appropriate signals from us. Everyone understands everything. They understand what the occupiers are doing and what a threat. And I understand that Ukraine will not tolerate this. It will not tolerate the torture of people about whom only one thing can be said: su As heroes of their homeland, they defended the freedom of their people from the invaders of their land. Even in wartime, there must be rules. The power of the world is certainly enough to make any state, any terrorist comply with these rules. Well, all of us – all Ukrainians – must remember one thing: no matter what, our goal is victory. No matter what, we’re on our way to victory, in spite of everything. No matter what, glory to all our warriors! Ukraine is above everyone and everything”, added the president of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Independence Day is celebrated on August 24, six months after the Russian invasion.

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