October 2, 2022

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Zelenski, after a discussion with Biden: Terror will be overcome after we get NASAMS air defense system

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said that he spoke with the US President, Joe Biden, whom he thanked for the new defense assistance package.

Zelenski showed, in the message sent on Thursday night, that he talked with Joe Biden about the situation of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, and he understood that this power plant needs to come back under the control of the Ukrainians.

“In general, today’s discussion with President Biden was very constructive, positive, quite long and productive. We managed to discuss all the topics that are of vital importance for the protection of Ukraine and for freedom. I thanked Mr. President and the American people for the defense assistance and for the tangible leadership in the macro-financial support of our state”, said the president of Ukraine.

He recalled that a day ago, President Biden approved an assistance package worth six billion dollars: three for defense assistance, three for financial assistance through the World Bank system.

“I expressed gratitude especially for the inclusion of air defense in this package. We will be able to really reach a situation where the terror of Russian missiles will be overcome after Ukraine receives the NASAMS air defense system,” he explained.

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Zelenskiy talked with the Foreign Minister of Italy

Zelenski recalled that on Thursday he also talked with the Foreign Minister of Italy, who is visiting Ukraine, and thanked the Italians, the president of this country and the Prime Minister Mario Draghi for the “principles in defense of a united Europe”, saying that Draghi has become “one among those European leaders whose determination and personal morality made it possible, at a critical moment, to strengthen Europe and protect normal life on our continent”.

He mentioned that they also discussed the expansion of cooperation between the two states and Italy’s experience in strengthening security, especially the energy one.

“By the way, due to blackmail with Russian gas, gas prices in Europe today have already exceeded the level of 3,300 dollars per thousand cubic meters. And this Russian anti-European policy is really destructive, but from a strategic perspective – for Russia itself . There will no longer be a player on the European energy market like Russia. Of course, now the situation is very dangerous, very acute. But most European countries have approached the energy problem very responsibly and are doing everything to adapt, to protect themselves. If anyone in Russia thinks they will bring Europe to its knees as a whole or Ukraine or other countries individually this winter is a miscalculation I think Europe is strong enough to right the wrongs of the past, become independent from the Russian energy system, from the carriers Russian energy and not to give in to the blackmail of energy terrorists from Gazprom”, he claimed.

Zelensky also said that Ukraine is coordinating its actions with partners in the energy field as well and that the Government and state companies are doing everything to ensure that they can get through this winter, “which will really be the most difficult in our history”.

“And now we are in circumstances where it is already clear that the enemy will not achieve its goals, but still it takes time, efforts for those calculations of the Russians to fail, for them to lose in this direction as well. They will have to we resist during this time and make all the necessary efforts together with our partners. And so it will be,” he added.

Zelesnki: For every bombing, there will be an answer

He emphasized that he will put pressure on the “terrorists” on all fronts – combat, political, economic and in the sphere of information.

“For every bombing, there will be a response to the occupiers. It will be for Orihiv. It will be for CheaplĂ®ne. It will be for Shepetivka, for Mirhorod, for Kharkiv, for Mariupol and the cities of Donbas, for all the others that are targeted by the Russian army. Russia has prepared many problems, crises and catastrophes for our country, for Europe and for the world. But the biggest disaster will be experienced by itself, by the terrorist state itself. This Titanic hit its iceberg on February 24 and no matter how hard it tries to stay afloat will not do,” concluded Zelenskiy.

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