June 4, 2023

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Young Romanian, fatally stabbed in the chest. The police detained two people

Young Romanian, fatally stabbed in the chest. The police detained two people.

A young man, aged 29, from Huși arrived, on the night of Friday to Saturday, at the hospital, after being stabbed in unknown circumstances. Unfortunately, he died shortly after.

According to Vaslui Ambulance representatives, they intervened during the night to give first medical care to a 29-year-old man who had been stabbed.

The wounds were inflicted on the chest. The conditions under which the young man was stabbed are not known.

“A B2 ambulance was sent and found the victim in a serious condition, unconscious, with multiple stab wounds and in hemorrhagic shock,” say Vaslui Ambulance representatives. The young man was rushed to Husi Hospital, but he died shortly after. The police are investigating to establish the circumstances in which the event occurred, writes https://stiriest.ro

Two people are in police custody

“The Police of the Municipality of Huși was notified, through SNUAU 112, regarding the fact that a man, aged 29, had been stabbed and is unconscious in the stairwell of a block of flats, on Ștefan Street cel Mare, Husi municipality.

The victim was transported to the Husi Municipal Hospital for medical care, but died in the morning. A complex investigation team from the Vaslui County Police Inspectorate went to the scene to conduct investigations in order to establish the circumstances in which the person’s death occurred.

Since in the case there is a suspicion of committing a crime against life, the investigations were taken over by a prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Vaslui Court.

2 people suspected of participating in the reported crime, men aged 30 and 31, respectively, from Huși, have been found and are in the custody of the police,” IPJ Vaslui said.

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Spain. Romanian, arrested after attacking his girlfriend and mother-in-law. The women were taken to hospital with multiple injuries

A Romanian man, aged 37, stabbed his girlfriend, aged 25, and her mother, aged 49, in a house in the Valencian neighborhood of La Torre, Spain.

The Civil Guard arrested a Romanian man after he stabbed his girlfriend and mother-in-law. The violent events took place around midnight on Sunday in a house on Calle Pintor Joan Miró.

After receiving the notification of the stabbing, several patrols of the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Valencia went to the scene to help the victims. Three ambulances, two of them from the Emergency Medical Service (SAMU), also went to La Torre to assist the victims and transfer them to La Fe and Clínico hospitals.

The 49-year-old woman suffered multiple cuts to her shoulder and chest when she defended her daughter and stood between the two during the attack. After being treated at the Clinical Hospital, the victim was discharged and moved to La Fe, where her daughter is hospitalized. The hospitalized young woman has several stab wounds to her chest.

The Alfafar Civil Guard arrested the aggressor, a 37-year-old man of Romanian nationality, for the crimes of attempted murder and injury.

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