May 28, 2023

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Working meeting for teaching mentoring and teaching career training – Mures News, Targu Mures News

Casa Corpului Didactic Mureș, the resource center and educational and managerial assistance for teachers and teaching assistants, was the host of the working meeting of the Commission for didactic mentoring and teaching career training from the educational units of Mureș county. The main objective of the meeting was to inform and train all those responsible for the correct application of the Framework Methodology regarding the quality assurance of programs for the continuous professional development of teachers in pre-university education and the accumulation of transferable professional credits.

At the initiative of the director of the Mureș Teaching Body, professor Fodor Alexandru-Iosif, on Tuesday, October 18, starting at 2:00 p.m., in the Festive Hall of the “Constantin Brâncusi” Technological High School in Târgu Mureş, more than 140 teachers from all educational institutions gathered of Mureş county.

The activity enjoyed the presence of the general school inspector, Prof. drd. Sabin-Gavril Pașcan, who conveyed all the good thoughts to the teachers present, equally emphasizing the importance of this didactic mentoring committee in the school unit. The commission for didactic mentoring and training in the professional career is established, according to the new Regulation on the organization and operation of pre-university education units (ROFUIP), in each educational unit, being one of the 7 permanent commissions that operate in the unit, with attributions in planning , organizing and carrying out activities in the field of teaching career training and other attributions provided by the current legislation on education.

Professor Fodor Alexandru-Iosif, director of CCD Mures, continued with the presentation of the mission, vision, organization chart of the institution and its team. He also reviewed the agenda of the meeting, presenting also part of the activities carried out within the institution, during the meeting each person in charge should make known, in a more extensive manner, everything undertaken by the Didactic House team Mures.

According to the established work agenda, Methodist Prof. Koos Ibolya presented the Order of the Ministry of Education no. 4224/2022 – Framework methodology regarding the quality assurance of programs for the continuous professional development of teachers in pre-university education and the accumulation of transferable professional credits, holding discussions on the edge of the aspects that raised difficulties among teachers in the correct understanding of the present methodology.

For good information of the teaching staff, Methodist Prof. Toth Domokos then presented the structure of the institution’s web page, accessible at the address

Next, the offer of continuous training programs (accredited programs, programs carried out in partnership, programs approved by the Ministry of Education) was presented by Methodist Prof. Dr. Felicia-Stela Ionescu.

The agenda was then followed by a series of presentations of the projects in which the institution is involved as a partner – project POCU146587 “Professionalization of the teaching career – PROF” was presented by the CTD communication expert of P13, Prof. Toth Domokos, the project POCU152864 “Competence and efficiency in teaching the Romanian language to children and students belonging to national minorities in Romania” being presented by the expert in accreditation and training implementation Prof. Koos Ibolya, direct beneficiary in both projects being the Ministry of Education.

Methodist professor Iolanda-Ana Cătinean continued to speak about the scientific activity carried out under the auspices of CCD Mures (organized conferences, publication of the electronic journal, scientific, methodical and cultural activities, etc.).

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Fodor Alexandru-Iosif formulated answers to the questions asked by the participants, outlining the directions of action of the Mureş Teaching Body collective, which he coordinates.

The meeting proved to be beneficial among the teaching staff present at the activity, the Didactic House team managing to bring to their attention the most important aspects in order to ensure the correct application of the new methodology. Prof. Fodor Alexandru-Iosif assures the heads of the commissions of all the support from the institution and mentions that in the near future he will propose a new meeting, either in this format with the heads of the entire county, or in areas with each zonal head for additional clarifications.

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