May 28, 2023

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With Dragnea’s picture in the place of honor, the town halls of Teleorman want to attract funds with ready-made documents

The plans are drawn up in the general way by certain companies, and the mayors just pay them instead of thinking about them according to the needs of the localities.

Inspector Pro filmed in the areas where irregularities were registered and found out that there are already complaints submitted to the DNA. One of the mayors changed the document after filming, but it is not original either.

Public money thrown on empty words! In several areas of the country there are local development strategies drawn to indigo that enrich certain companies – according to some former representatives of the Government.

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The regulations in force oblige, of course, the mayors to present such plans when they access European or government funds. It’s just that the mayors should call on consultants who take people’s problems into account and not throw thousands of euros on drafts full of generalities.

Inspector Pro went to Teleorman on the trail of some companies that collected money on the wind, from several town halls.

Vice: If it says specifically there and we do nothing, who does it heat? Write, as you say… Write… That sustainability… we do…

Reporter: So why did you put your money on this strategy?

Vice: That’s what was asked at the time.

Reporter: Did you tick or how did you do it?

Primary: To have it!“.

We are in Poroschia, a commune adjacent to Alexandria, the county seat. The gentleman in the picture, elegant, dressed in a suit, is Iulian Badea, mayor of this locality for 20 years. He wore sunglasses throughout the interview. Including in the town hall office, in the church and at the kindergarten where we were invited.

The area of ​​the church and the one in front of the town hall are the only ones arranged. There are sprinkler lawns, trash cans, and it’s clean.

The image is in great contrast with the poverty in the locality. The commune that he has led for 5 mandates has only part of the streets paved. The rest are dirt streets. Only in the center did he manage to build sidewalks, and the kindergarten with extended hours is half renovated.

Reporter: These doors are old. Since when have I been?

governess: Ohhhh… Since ’85. And the chairs too… Forget them…

Mayor: You see only evil. We also have new chairs“.

The mayor openly admits that, in 20 years, he has not attracted any money from European funds. And that everything he did was based on the electoral income from the Government and the County Council.

Strategies copied word for word, including the name of the town

Now, Poroschia also has a local development strategy for the period 2021-2027, mandatory in the case of European and national funding. Except that in its pages I found a reference to another locality: Uda Clocociov, located 72 kilometers away.

Reporter: Why does it say on page 3 and other pages about the commune of Uda – Clocociov?

Primary: What’s going on… I know that you didn’t come here by chance… These, the people who make the strategies, do it in several communes and, at a certain moment, they get confused because the title from Uda Clocociov also appears… (smiles)“.

I counted the number of times the name Uda Clocociov appears in the Poroschia strategy. 34 times, sign that it was not a simple mistake.

And it’s outrageous that no one noticed the errors, given that the document was submitted for approval at the local council meeting. And it also went through 3 approval commissions, composed of 13 officials.

Reporter: Did you not read it before approval?

Primary: I haven’t read it… How can I not read it??? But I didn’t… When they brought it, I didn’t read it anymore, I said they were checking it“.

The file was submitted to the Teleorman Prefecture. It was only there that the mistakes were discovered. The former sub-prefect, Sergiu Iordan, is the only one who checked the documents.

Sergiu Iordan, former sub-prefect of Teleorman county: ”It got my attention. We requested another strategy of Purani commune. And I was shocked to see another, identical strategy at the word and comma level“.

Later, the documents were corrected. The mayor notified the prefecture that an error had occurred. As if nothing had happened.

Sergiu Iordan, former sub-prefect of Teleorman county: ”When they want to access European funds or apply to the CJ, they receive points, they receive for these strategies. This is why no one looks at them. However, some smart guys or white collar mafia have understood this very well and are selling these papers for a lot of money“.

We also went to Uda Clocociov, to clarify why the strategies are similar. Mrs. Florica Bărbulescu has been mayor for 18 years. In her office there are two photos of Liviu Dragnea, placed on a mile.

Florica Barbulescu: Look, I have it there!

Reporter: I saw that you have Liviu Dragnea there… How do you have the photos with him?“.

The company administrator, about the copy-paste documents: “I tell you that they are not copied”

I showed him the errors in the two local development strategies.

Reporter: Does it write the same?

Florica Barbulescu: Yes…

Reporter: Who copied after whom?

Florica Barbulescu: Don’t ask me, I showed you what I have. Here you see black on white, only Uda Clocociov writes, in my work“.

Although the mayor says that her strategy is good, we only found concrete data about the locality she leads at the end of the document.

The firm that designed both strategies is the same. And he collected, only from these two town halls, through direct purchase, 12,400 euros. The administrator is a 47-year-old man from Craiova. He has two companies in his name and is a partner in two others. All four carry out contracts with public money in Teleorman county.

Reporter: If the strategies had not been copied in one locality and the other, how was it possible to make such a mistake?

Aurelian Mitroi, the company administrator: I don’t know how you came into possession of the sample… I tell you that it is not copied. What I can tell you is that it is structured in chapters, some are generalities, but there was no way Uda la Poroschia would appear… It doesn’t… I can tell you with certainty“.

We also asked for the opinion of an expert in accessing European funds. Petru Luhan was a member of the Commission for Regional Development. In both strategies he identified problems. Even in the chapters that contain the so-called concrete plans of the mayors.

File at DNA for copied strategies

Petru Luhan, expert in accessing European funds: ”I am looking at this objective, communal roads, from this strategy I am missing the target group. I do not see how many citizens could benefit from this investment. All this must have a source of funding, an activity plan with concrete terms, what objective, until it is achieved. There are details that… or their lack leads to the rejection of projects. They wrote something to justify the money they got from the town hall“.

Ramona Aimed: ”I found conflicting information in other strategies. For example, in the one from Ciuperceni. Precisely in the TERRITORIAL LOCATION chapter, we see that the name of another locality appears, located in Arad county. Regarding entrepreneurial dynamics, we learned that in Ciuperceni the number of business people would be increasing. However, when we view the graph, we see, again, that the name of another locality appears: Vitănești!“.

The National Anticorruption Directorate is now investigating the case of copied strategies. All the more since the phenomenon has spread throughout the country, government sources claim.

If we take into account that there are 3,228 town halls that should draw up such development plans and that the companies charge an average of 30,000 lei for a job, it follows that in the entire country the amount spent on these strategies could exceed 95 million lei.

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