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Who owns the TV and radio stations in Romania

Who owns the main television stations?  LIST with the shareholders of Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D, but also with the shareholders of the news stations

Who are the owners of the TV stations in Romania? Which shareholders appear on Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D, Prima TV or Romanian news stations. presents below the owners of the main television stations, as well as the document with the complete list of radio-TV shareholders in Romania.

The National Broadcasting Council (CNA) published on Thursday, October 20, the complete list of shareholders of TV stations and radio channels, after it had been “kept secret” since 2019, invoking, at the time, the legislation for the Protection Data of Personal Interest (GDPR).

Mircea Toma proposed the publication of the list, as wrote here.

Who are the shareholders of the main TV channels


The holder of the audiovisual licenses and supply notices of PRO TV (respectively PRO Cinema, PRO TV PLUS, PRO Arena, PRO TV Internaţional, home) is the company PRO TV SRLof which he is the sole partner CME Media Enterprises BV (Lower Countries).

CME Media Enterprises BV is fully owned by TV Holdco BV (The Netherlands), which in turn is owned PPF TMT Bidco 2 BV (Lower Countries).

Similarly, PPF TMT Bidco 2 BV belongs PPF Group NV (The Netherlands), according to CNA.


ANTENA TV GROUP SA is the company that owns the related licenses for Antena 1, Antena Stars, Happy Channel, ZU TV HD, Antena International and Antena Play.

Who are the seven shareholders of ANTENA TV GROUP SA:

  • Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 43.983287%,

  • Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 39.229466%,

  • Grupul Industrial Voiculescu si Compania (Grivco) SA – 7.304073%,

  • Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania – 3.91666%,

  • Mihai Sabina – 3.100956%,

  • Alexandrescu George Sorin – 2.000302%

  • Intact Media Advisors SRL – 0.465256%.

In turn, Voiculescu Industrial Group and Company (Grivco) SA has as shareholders:

  • Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 43.472%,

  • Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 43.472%,

  • Mihai Lazar – 11.111%

  • Constanta Elena Sorina – 1.945%.

As for associations Intact Media Advisors SRLthese are:

  • Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 44%,

  • Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 35%,

  • Grupul Industrial Voiculescu si Compania (Grivco) SA – 11%

  • Dan Voiculescu Foundation for the Development of Romania (founding member and president – Dan Voiculescu) – 10%.


The holder of the audiovisual licenses of KANAL D is the company DOGAN MEDIA INTERNATIONAL SAwhose shareholders are:

  • Dogan Media Invest BV (Netherlands) – 99.99998%
  • Yasar Begumhan Dogan Faralyali (Turkey) – 0.00002%.

Sole associate of Dogan Media Invest BV (The Netherlands) is DHI Investment BV (Lower Countries). In turn, DHI Investment BV has only one associate, on Dogan Sirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş (Turkey).

Who are the shareholders? Dogan Sirketler Grubu Holding A.Ş.?

  • Adilbey Holding A.Ş. – 49.66%,

  • Dogan Family – 14.47%,

  • Public – 35.87%.

SWITCH Adilbey Holding A.Ş. (Turkey):

  • Aydin Dogan – 41.71%,
  • Isil Dogan – 14.99%,

  • Arzuhan Yalcindag – 10.825%,

  • Vuslat Sabanci – 10.825%,

  • Hanzade Vasfiye Dogan Boyner – 10.825%,

  • Yaşar Begumhan Dogan Faralyali – 10,825%.

65% of Prima shares, owned by Adrian Tomşa

Regarding the licenses under the “Prima” brand (Prima TV, Prima Comedy, Prima Show, Prima NEWS, Prima Wild, Prima Show 24, Prima Traditional Music, Prima History, Prima Food & Travel), they belong CLEVER BUSINESS TRANSILVANIA SRLwhose associates are:

  • Tomşa Gheorghe Adrian – main associate – 65%
  • Clever Media Network SRL – 25%

  • Nicoara Maria, with 10%.

Regarding Clever Media Network SRLassociations are:

  • Tomsa Gheorghe Adrian – 90%
  • Nicoara Maria – 10%.

National TV

The holder of Naţional TV licenses is ABC PLUS MEDIA SAwhose shareholders are:

  • Micula Ioan (Sweden) – 50%;

  • Micula Viorel (Sweden) – 50%.

Ethno TV

The holder of the audiovisual license is ETNO FOLKLORE MEDIA SRLwhose associates are:

  • Planning Media Trust SRL – 50%;

  • Prigonă Honorius Adrian – 40%;

  • Gărduş Rareş Alexandru – 10%.

associations Planning Media Trust SRL:

  • Constantin Janina Nectara – 50%;

  • Rache Aurelian Felix – 50%.



The holder of the audiovisual license of Romania TV, founded in 2011 by Sebastian Ghiţă, is the company RIDZONE COMPUTERS SRLof which he is the sole associate Gheorghe Catrinel Maria.


CAMPUS MEDIA SRL is the company that holds the licenses for Digi 24, Digi FM, PRO FM, Dance FM and DIGI 24 FM.


  • RCS & RDS SA – 90%
  • Integrasoft SRL – 10% (whose sole partner is also RCS & RDS SA).

RCS & RDS SA has, in turn, as associates:

  • Digi Communications NV – 93.575518%,
  • a list of natural personswhose shares do not exceed 6.42443%,
  • a the list of associated legal entitieswhich amounts to well below 0.0001% of the total shares (0.000052%).

Regarding Digi Communications NV (with registered office in the Netherlands and fiscal office in Romania – listed on the stock exchange):

  • RCS Management SA (Class A shares) – 57.8666%, Shareholders – Class B shares – 35.4440%,
  • Digi Communications NV (Class A shares) – 4.4093%, Teszari Zoltan (Class A shares) – 2.2801%.

Similarly, actions RCS Management SA belong to:

  • Teszari Zoltan – 78.3851%
  • digi Communications NV – 10%
  • Bugarszki Sfetozar – 4.5871%
  • Patap Mihai – 3.6944%
  • Docea Maria – 3.3333%.

Realitatea TV

The owner of the audiovisual licenses of Realitatea TV is the company GEOPOL INTERNATIONAL SRLwhose associates are:

  • Bertalan Păcuraru Alexandra Beatrice – main associate – 99.75%;
  • “Maricel Păcuraru Alături de Tine” Foundation (founding member Păcuraru Ionuţ Maricel) – 0.25%.

Board of Directors of “Maricel Păcuraru Alaturi de Tine” Foundation:

  • Păcuraru Daniela Madi – president;

  • Păcuraru Ionuţ Maricel – vice-president;

  • Antonescu Alina Maria – secretary.


The holder of audiovisual licenses is the company B1 TV CHANNEL SRLwhose associates are:

  • Oancea Sorin – 50%;

  • Păunescu Gheorghe Constantin – 50%.

What does Article 48 of the Audiovisual Law include?

According to Article 48 of the Audiovisual Law no. 504/2002, with subsequent amendments and additions, audiovisual media service providers they have the obligation to ensure “simple, direct and permanent access” of the public to at least the following categories of information:

a) name, legal status and registered office;

b) the name of the legal representative and the shareholder structure up to the level of natural and legal person, associate or shareholder who owns a share greater than 20% of the share capital or voting rights of a company holding an audiovisual license;

c) the names of the persons responsible for the management of the commercial company and those who assume, mainly, the editorial responsibility;

d) their contact details, including geographic address, e-mail or website, which allow them to be contacted quickly and directly and effectively;

e) the list of publications edited by the respective legal entity and the list of other program services it provides;

f) * Repealed by L. no. 333/2009

g) specifying that the audiovisual media service is under the jurisdiction of Romania and the contact details of the Council, as the competent regulatory and supervisory body.

Since April 2019, the complete list of shareholders of TV and radio channels has “disappeared” from the CNA website, based on the legislation for the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR), as previously reported by This contained the complete shareholders of each position, which reached up to “natural persons” (in case there were companies within the company), whose “express” consent was necessary, according to CNA.

“No legal norm or provision has been identified by which CNA publishes on its website the personal data of the persons concerned, in this case the shareholders of radio and television companies, and in order to comply with the law (GDPR Regulation, ed.) the express consent of the person concerned (the shareholder, editor’s note) is needed”, the National Audiovisual Council stated at the time, according to Hotnews.

Author: Alexandru Aruşilor

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