March 25, 2023

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“Week of Muresian gastronomy and wine” – News from Mures, Targu mures News

The Education for Europe Association with the support of the Mureș County Council organized, between September 28-29, 2022, in the premises of Orobianco Ristorante Târgu Mureș, the second edition of the event “Mureș Gastronomy and Wine Week”.

Within it, the organizers proposed to promote traditional customs and culinary products, as well as local, autochthonous wines, an approach considered “a small step towards what it means to establish local and microlocal culinary identity.”

“The idea of ​​the project stems from the desire and ability to give value to some of our gastronomic products, to increase local consumption and to generate new dishes using traditional products in innovative ways, merging with other cuisines of the world in a creative way. In this way, we value local heritage tourism resources, which, together with gastronomy, can create a new attractive touristic value. In this case, in addition to the local population, we are especially thinking about tourists and visitors who will visit our county”, mentioned the representatives of the Education Association for Europe.

Menu 100% from local products

During the “Mureș Gastronomy and Wine Week” a menu 100% of local products was created, tastings of traditional products and local wines and an exhibition of traditional culinary products were organized in the premises of Orobianco Ristorante Târgu Mureș, a HoReCa unit whose activity is coordinated by Roberto Ghincea, one of the most renowned professionals active in the hospitality industry in Mureș county.

“The purpose of the event was to promote local products and traditional recipes from Mureș county, to educate the public about the special cultural importance of these values, but also to bring producers and restaurant owners face to face. We have traditional Romanian products recognized in Europe, Telemeaua de Ibănești, we have a cheese factory in Cund, where the milk of local cows is turned into matured cheeses, we have the center of traditional products from Saschiz and many other local products that need to be known in the first place by the local community. We have wine – Vila Vineea – Liliac – wines from Târnave, from Bălăușeri and from Tezaur de Lechința, from Călimănesti – Petry, wines that win medals at national and international competitions, but which are not sufficiently known by the local community and they are not found on restaurant menus. It is important to create the premise of fusions between Muresian products from different local geographical areas, a fact that increases their gastronomic value and helps to expand the potential market”, said the organizers of the “Muresian Gastronomy and Wine Weeks”.

It should be noted that the menu was made from local products from Mures and cooked in the kitchen of the host restaurant, and the wines tasted during the event were local wines produced in local wineries and by small producers. The event was attended by approximately 100 people from the university environment (teachers, students), local officials and representatives of the local business environment.


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