March 25, 2023

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Vitamin D, important for patients with diabetes – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

Primary ophthalmologist Dr. Florian Baltă, professor at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, recognized in the field of vitreoretinal surgery, claims that 80% of the population suffers from a vitamin D deficiency and that this is very important for patients with diabetes, in whom it was found that their blood sugar parameters also decrease.

“From my point of view, there is a discovery highlighted a few years ago, according to which there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the population. With the pandemic, the idea spread – and this is good – that vitamin D is important for immunity. I am trying to say, for example, that not only 80% of people have a vitamin D deficiency and that it is important to compensate for the deficiency in all people, but especially in patients with diabetes, where we saw an effect of improving the parameters, of lowering blood sugar (…) From my point of view, this must be spread”, Dr. Florian Baltă declared for Agerpres.

Doctor Baltă participated, on Friday, in the National Conference “Interdisciplinarity and research in diabetes, nutrition and metabolic diseases”, organized by the Romanian Medical Association and the “George Emil Palade” University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology in Târgu Mureş, a scientific event under aegis of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Romanian Society of Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases.

The doctor also showed that after measuring the parameters of the retinal artery, it was found that there are changes in these vessels before any visible sign of diabetes appears.

“I would start from a particular aspect that is related to ophthalmology, that is, for some time we have been dealing mainly with the eye complications of diabetes. But what I’ve found lately is in a sympathetic zone; it is known that the eye is a kind of window open to the brain or to the human body. We used a device with which we can visualize the retinal arteries and measure exactly the parameters of the vessels. And we found that there are changes in these vessels, before any sign of diabetes appears, in the fundus of the eyes. If in this area we managed to highlight and found a food supplement that favorably modifies these parameters, I think it would be good for the world to know that we can measure these parameters in patients with diabetes and those in whom these parameters are weaker – in fact, the reality of the vascular wall changes and we can tell the other specialties and the diabetologist that this medicine can help”, said Dr. Florian Baltă.

For this reason, Dr. Baltă added, interdisciplinary conferences are extremely beneficial, as specialists can thus spread effective treatment methods.

“We tell from an ophthalmological point of view how it is and what should be done, and everyone in their area has certainly made all kinds of progress. It’s good to know what the progress is, because in general, in these areas of super-speciality as we are – we deal with complications in general – we are extremely efficient both medically and surgically. But it seems very interesting to me to be able to intervene in a kind of prevention, to help the patient before all these changes appear and we probably extend a lot the time interval in which complications appear’, stated Dr. Florian Baltă.

The doctor from Bucharest is the author of the work “Practice of macular pathology in images”, considered to be an absolute first for Romanian medical literature, a monograph in which he collected 100 cases studied with the first 3D tomograph in Romania, in 2007.

The work of Dr. Florian Baltă continues to be a representative work for Romanian ophthalmology.


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