December 9, 2022

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VIDEO, PHOTO: Grade 10 school inaugurated in Sărmașu – News from Mures, Targu mures News

The rehabilitation works of the Sărmașu Secondary School were inaugurated by cutting a symbolic ribbon on Friday, August 26, at the beginning of the Sărmașu City Days, an event organized from August 26-28 by the Sărmașu City Hall and the Sărmașu Local Council.

The opening ceremony of the Sărmașu City Days was presented by the master of ceremonies Iulian Praja and took place in the school yard that benefited from modernization, in the presence of the hosts and some special guests: ec. Valer Botezan – mayor of Sărmașu, Jolan Trombitaș – deputy mayor of Sărmașu, Mara Togănel – prefect of Mureș county, Leonard Azamfirei – PSD senator, Dumitrița Gliga – deputy and interim president of PSD Mureș, Ciprian Alin Belean – mayor of Râciu commune, Florin Cristian Ștefan – the mayor of the Pogăceau commune, Florin Călin Borbely – the mayor of the Cătina commune (Cluj), Vasile Focșa – the mayor of the Mociu commune (Cluj), Sofronie Mihail Moldovan – the mayor of the Geaca commune (Cluj), Ciprian Florin Ruța – the director of the Theoretical High School “Samuil Micu” Sărmașu, Marius Baciu – county councilor and a group of local councilors from Sarma.

From Education to Culture and Tradition

After the singing of the National Anthem of Romania, a council of priests officiated a TeDeum service, followed by the cutting of the school’s inaugural ribbon and the address of the Mayor of Sărmașu.

“The school benefited from thermal and energy rehabilitation works by enveloping the building, by ensuring a high-performance heating system, with heat pumps that extract energy from the ground and transform it into heat, heating the floor in the classrooms by making the electrical system more efficient, ensuring of electricity through an alternative system with photovoltaic panels and also a mechanical ventilation system to ensure fresh air all the time in the classrooms, mechanical fans that are also energy efficient by recovering the heat from the classrooms. This investment was started as a project in 2018 and was supposed to be completed in March 2021. Three weeks after I took over the mandate of the mayor, I signed the contract for the execution of the works, I insisted on the ADR to extend the financing contract and I started the works”. said ec. Valer Botezan, who added that funds were allocated from the local budget for the arrangement of the inner courtyard and for equipping the classrooms with new furniture and interactive whiteboards.

At the same time, the head mayor of Sărmașu quoted the renowned pedagogue and mathematician Spiru Haret saying that “how the school looks today will look like the country tomorrow”, respectively that the institution he leads made great efforts to complete the investment before the start of the 2022 school year- 2023.

“We are still working on the General School from Balda and a nursery school here in Sărmașu, because only through education can a people be superior and even the motto of the Sărmașene Days is Education, Culture and Tradition”, informed ec. Valer Botezan.

School, fundamental institution

Invited to address the audience, Senator Leonard Azamfirei, who also holds the position of rector of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureș, sent a message to the students to whom he said, paraphrasing a famous expression attributed to the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, that they have “a marshal’s baton” behind them, so that success depends on the effort of each individual.

“The school has the great advantage that it reduces social differences, wherever you come from if you go to school you can get where you want”, said the university professor. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei.

“A school is like a library. The teachers put the books in that library either by writing them, or by reading them, or by teaching others from them”, the rector of the main university in Mureș county told the teachers.

At the end, Senator Leonard Azamfirei also had a short message for Mayor Valer Botezan: “If in your project you put the School on a higher level, if you are concerned about this, it means that you are a man of the School.”

“Besides the Church, the School represents the second fundamental institution for every community”, concluded the university professor. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei.

Education, the weapon that can change the world

In his address, the deputy Dumitrița Gliga had only words of appreciation for the mayor of Sărmașu, whom he said “he has many projects to complete, many ongoing projects, new funding won”, respectively that “he is body and soul” for the community poor woman

At the same time, the interim leader of the social democrats from Mures congratulated the ec. Valer Botezan for completing the project before the start of the school year, given the complicated economic context, as well as for the interest shown vis a vis a “green investment.”

“From now on, at the Secondary School in Sărmașu, the 120 students and 20 teaching staff will work in a modern school, according to European standards”, said deputy Dumitrița Gliga.

At the same time, deputy Dumitrița Gliga paraphrased Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, who said that “Education is the most powerful weapon you can have to change the world”, to reach the conclusion that “investment in Education is the safer investment for a country’s future.”

Exhortation to “trust one another”

In the message addressed to those present, the Prefect of Mureș County appreciated that “in Sărmașu the standards are high”, respectively that “it is natural to demand something natural in 2022″ such as basic utilities, school and health services, which is why ” it is good, all of us, to learn from the lesson of the present times.”

“Let’s learn to trust each other, because without trust and without support and often, most of the time, without gratitude we will not forget and we will not be able to move on”, Mara Togănel said.

“And because these times and these times involve a lot, a lot of trust, I think it is good not to have a short memory and not to forget that we owe the present to the past, from yesterday, and not to forget that we will owe the future of today’s present. And because today we find ourselves here in a place from my point of view normal for 2022, it’s good to know that these things and these projects started a long time ago”, said the Prefect of Mureș County, who shared with the audience that he wants the administration people to always have only the “citizen’s agenda” in the foreground.

Modern facilities

At the end of the ceremony, the director of the “Samuil Micu” Sărmașu Theoretical High School informed that the Sărmașu Secondary School will open its doors for the new school year 2022-2023 on September 5, for 120 students.
“The building we inaugurate today becomes the seat of a modern school, after a long period of rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on modern facilities, starting from the roof, windows, fully renovated courtyard, multi-purpose sports field, to modern educational resources – interactive whiteboards, new furniture, efficient heating systems and alternative power generation systems. All these facilities could not be achieved without the support of Sărmașu City Hall by accessing European funds. Thus, it was possible, in addition to the previously mentioned facilities, to install modern underfloor heating systems, with water-ground heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and modern ventilation systems. In the current context, with the explosion of energy prices, our school is proud of one of the most effective investments, both during winter and summer, combining renewable energy with modern technologies”, emphasized Ciprian Florin Ruța.

Text, photo, video: Alex TOTH, Ioana MĂRGINEAN

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