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VIDEO, PHOTO: “Apple Festival”, respected tradition in Batoș – Mures News, Mures Targu News

The tradition of the beginning of October brings into the center of attention the traditional celebration of Mărului de Batoș, an event born two decades ago at the initiative of former mayor Mușat Rășcanu. The tradition was also respected this year, the City Hall and the Local Council of Batoș commune together with the Group of Producers and Farmers from Batoș organizing at the end of last week, October 1-2, 2022, the edition number XIX of the traditional event “Apple Festival”.

The first day of the celebration was dedicated to sports activities, the place of honor being the “Golden Apple Cup”, but also other moments of relaxation for young people, moments of kangoo jumps or an outdoor film screening. Sunday was the busiest day, both in terms of the artistic program, but especially the offer of local producers, an extremely rich one, if we are to refer to apples, grapes, vinegar, honey, vegetables and the list could go on and on good.

“After a two-year break caused by the pandemic, we manage to meet again at a new edition of the “Apple Festival” in a difficult year for agriculture, for farmers in particular. I say hard because we have had a big drought problem this year, a long and early drought. Nevertheless, behold, God had mercy on us, he gave us rain, so that in part everything was made, apples, fruits, corn, vegetables, fodder for animals, everything was made. Not like other years, but enough to have reason to organize this celebration, to have reason to honor those who toil in the fields, to honor their work and production. In the end we have to honor these farmers and the whole community. You are the ones who toil and in addition to the fact that they provide the necessities of life for their own household, they also supply a large part of our area, from the municipality of Reghin, from the entire county. In the end, we tried to make this edition a success, and I wish that today everyone forgot about the troubles and hardships and really enjoyed a day of celebration”, stated Dumitru Dinu Cotoi, the mayor of Batoș commune.

Officials present

Among the officials present at the Batoș Apple Celebration were Dumitrița Gliga, PSD deputy, interim president of Mureș PSD, Kolcsár Károly, UDMR deputy, together with Florin Pălășan, Mureș county subprefect, Ovidiu Georgescu, vice president of the Mureș County Council, Ovidiu Săvâșca, executive director of APIA Mureș, Ileana Gușatu, executive director of the Directorate for Agriculture Mureș and Prof. drd. Sabin-Gavril Pașcan, general school inspector. The mayors of Suseni, Mircea Mariș, Râciu, Ciprian Belean, Fărăgău, Ioan Milășan, Monor, Ioan Cira, the president of PNL Mureș, Ciprian Dobre, and the county councilors Constantin Pogăcean, Alexandru Lup, Ovidiu Ilieș and Ovidiu Dancu also took the stage. The last, but not the last, was Mușat Rășcanu, former mayor of Batoș commune, who two decades ago organized the first edition of the Apple Festival in Batoș.

Gratitude to the “golden couples”

A special moment was that of the premiere of the couples who are celebrating 50 years of marriage this year. The families Bîta Aurel and Ileana, Cîmpean Ioan and Silvia, Fiko Stefan and Elisabeta, Karacson Petru and Elisabeta, Horvath Karoly and Ana, Cotoi Virgil and Ileana received their due respect.

“On the occasion of the Day of the Elderly, I would like to congratulate all of you who belong to this category. I’m going to tell you this much: Happy Birthday, may God give you health, over half a century together is a special event in the life of every couple, and you’ve lived both good and bad, almost a human life and it’s at the same time a particularly emotional occasion for me, as the mayor of the commune where you live. Let me congratulate you and wish you to spend many happy years from now on in a beautiful autumn of your life and love”, stated the mayor Dumitru Dinu Cotoi.

Prize for 10th graders

After the hearty veterans, it was the turn of the talented young people to be awarded, respectively the 10th graders from Batoș commune. “In addition to apples, in addition to many goodies, in addition to special and wonderful elderly people, we also have children of the future in Batoș commune”, said Dumitru Dinu Cotoi, after which he invited Illes Denis-Patrick, Nicoleta-Alexandra Ceontea to the stage , Valeriu-Marian Bîta, Maria-Ioana Suceava, Ungvari Monica-Andreea rewarded with a diploma and a prize worth 1,000 lei.

“In addition to the special activities in agriculture that the commune of Batoș develops, it seems that education is also at a high level, according to the results of the students here. First of all, I congratulate all my fellow teachers, teaching staff from the commune of Batoș because the results of these students are also due to the dedicated work of the teaching staff”, stated Prof. drd. Sabin-Gavril Pașcan.

Artists and special guests

The artistic program of the Apple Festival was opened by the folklore group “Plaiurile Luțului”, followed by the ensembles “Dedrețeana”, “Dăscălițele”, “Rosenkrantz”, “Jarom”, “Toaca Văii Gurghiului”, completed by the soloists Karina Gottfert, Viorica Sfârâiac , Maria Suciu, Narcisa Suciu, Veronica Pop, Ghizela Ianko, Bianca Pop.

The program also included a moment of kangoo Jumos supported by Kangoo Club Reghin, and recitals supported by Mario Cotoi and Contrast Live Band.


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