October 2, 2022

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VIDEO INTERVIEW with Alexia Paula Friciu, revelation of music from Mures – News from Mures, News Targu mures

When the dead knocks on the door, it must be received and externalized. It was the same in the case of the little lady who, at only 13 years old, is following her dream, driven by talent. Alexia Paula Friciu was blessed with a beautiful voice, which by working and learning every day, she shapes it to reach as high as possible. Until now, she has participated in various competitions, managing to bring home pride. He won the 1st place at the “Constellation of Talents” Chisinau, the Grand Prix on international pop at “Preparing Stars” Baia Mare, the 1st prize, he won the trophy of the “Vocea Blajului” festival, also the 1st prize at “L’usignolo D’oro”, Italy and many other trophies and awards.

In addition to competitions, she also performs at seasonal festivals and is excited to participate in a very important competition for her in the near future. So, below you can discover Alexia better and hear from her about her passion for music.

Reporter: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Alexia Paula Friciu, a beautiful and talented young lady from Reghin. Alexia came to our office to tell us something about herself and her music. Alexia, welcome to us, first please introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself.

Alexia Paula Friciu: Thank you, my name is Alexia Paula Friciu, I am 13 years old and I come from Reghin. I am part of the “Flori de pe Mureș” Cultural Association, led by teacher Marian Someșan, for 3 years. I am also a student in the guitar class, attending the third year, at the “Augustin Maior” Music School.

Rep.: Tell us how your passion and story with music began.

APF: At school, he announced to us that there would be a popular music competition at the House of Culture. And then I signed up. I think I wanted more of the fun for the grandparents too. I went, and the people from the Cultural Center told me that I had a voice and recommended singing lessons.

Rep.: How is music for you at the moment?

APF: Music for me I think is the most beautiful thing that happened to me. On stage, especially when I sing, I feel more at home, I feel at ease and I would like to give the emotions I have to the people who listen to me.

Rep.: What performances have you been able to achieve so far?

APF: I won several contests. I think the most important competition I won was Vocea Blajului. I have also won the Grand Prix in competitions and awards in my age categories

Rep.: How is it for you to participate in contests, festivals? It’s tiring, you’re excited, do you like it?

APF: I like! Sometimes fatigue sets in and I still need a little rest, but I like it. I really like it and it’s a more special feeling and it feels really good.

Rep.: Who supported you and continues to support you the most?

APF: My parents supported me the most, they always helped me, they came after me. And Mr. Professor, because always, when I lacked confidence and said it was not possible, he came to me and said “yes it is possible” and it was possible.

Rep.: What kind of music genres do you like, what kind of music genres define you?

APF: I really like pop and jazz music, I play more pop music, I just played jazz music and I think I will continue to play.

Rep.: Who is your favorite artist and why?

APF: National is Adda, because she has a more special voice, I like it a lot, and international, I think Faouzia. I like her voice, it’s somehow thicker, it’s a special and beautiful voice.

Rep.: How is school? How do you juggle music with school?

APF: At first it was a bit difficult until I got used to it and then I saw that I actually have time for everything, I just have to organize it. And I’m doing pretty well.

Rep.: What are the plans for the near future? Are you participating in any other competitions this summer?

APF: Yes, next week I will participate in a contest at Felix, a fairly important contest, perhaps among the most important I’ve had. It’s a jury and a very important one. There I will compete with the best children in Romania in my age category.

Rep.: And what did you prepare for this competition? What are you going to surprise the jury with?

APF: I’m going to play Bjork’s ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’, I’ve played it at several competitions and I’ve seen it work quite well sometimes.

Rep.: And this week, towards the end of the week you will also be at a festival. Tell us about that too, what will you be singing? How will it be?

APF: At this festival I will be performing “It`s Oh So Quiet” and “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Christina Aguilera. It’s in Suseni, the “Onion Festival” and I don’t really have emotions. I’ve played at festivals before and I saw that I have no reason to panic, to have emotions, because everyone is fine with me.

Rep.: How do you see yourself in the distant future?

APF: In the distant future I would like to see myself on a stage, singing and giving emotions to the people around me, making my parents and relatives proud.

Recorded by Ioana MARGINEAN

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