October 2, 2022

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USR will submit a simple motion against the Minister of Energy

USR will submit a simple motion against the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, on the first day of the parliamentary session, the president of the party, Cătălin Drula, announced on Tuesday.

“After 3 years in which the minister was just an armchair spectator, Romanians are paying huge energy bills and getting poorer day by day. Western Europe is adopting measures that were also proposed in Romania by USR, but meanwhile Virgil Popescu is leading Romania to an extremely difficult winter. The measures taken by PSD and PNL have indebted Romania with 30 billion lei, money that our children and grandchildren will pay,” the USR leader wrote on Facebook.

According to him, beyond Virgil Popescu’s “obvious lack of capacity”, PSD is “just as guilty” for the energy crisis.

“He has so far formed a shield around Minister Popescu. They saved him in the previous two motions submitted by the USR. Now is the time (in the 13th hour) for the PSD to show a minimum of responsibility for the country it governs. Virgil Popescu must be dismissed urgently if we want to get through this winter well,” Drula added.

Romanians with the bills, politicians with the scandals. PSD harshly attacks a liberal minister: “He is totally devoid of ideas”

Virgil Popescu, the Minister of Energy, is “totally out of ideas” regarding the measures that should be taken to compensate for the price increases in electricity, natural gas and fuel, according to PSD deputy Mihai Weber, who says that the Romanians are the ones who bear the burden of his incompetence.

The Social Democratic Party publishes on its official Facebook account a message signed by Mihai Weber.

“Romanians cannot bear the burden of Virgil Popescu’s incompetence indefinitely! Virgil Popescu, the Minister of Energy, is totally clueless as to what measures should be taken to compensate for the price increases in electricity, natural gas and fuel. Since last year, the PSD proposed the solution of price regulation for a certain period of time, but the PNL opposed it, choosing the subsidy option in the conditions of a growing budget deficit. After the loss of a year in which the public debt increased to support this compensation chosen by the Minister of Energy, we come to the conclusion that the PSD proposal is the only one able to stop the prices that already no longer have any economic justification”, writes Mihai Weber on Facebook.

He showed that most countries in Europe have taken “dozens” of measures to protect the population and the economy, while in Romania only the “most harmful” solution for the state was considered – the compensation of some prices “already escaped from under control”.

“The solution of energy price regulation has been adopted by other countries and, moreover, other alternative measures have been chosen to calm the chaos imposed by certain market players. From providing free transport for commuters, subsidizing households whose utility costs were higher than 30% of income, to suspending the energy transport tax or giving vouchers to vulnerable households, here are just some of the solutions found in other countries with a much higher standard of living than in Romania. Taking into account the fact that the cold season is approaching in which consumption will increase and, therefore, costs will increase both for the population and for economic agents, I imperatively ask the Minister of Energy to wake up and urgently come up with solutions that stop and deter unjustified increases in energy and gas prices. He can choose between the solutions proposed by the PSD or the solutions adopted by other countries in the European Union, but he must do it urgently, because the Romanians cannot carry the burden of his incompetence indefinitely”, concludes Weber.

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