December 9, 2022

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Unirea National College in the new school year – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

Great emotions for the Unionists. The Court of Unirea National College hosted today, September 5, from 10:00 a.m. the opening ceremony of the new school year. For the 870 students who crossed the threshold of the school with many hopes and aspirations waiting to be fulfilled, Prof. Aurora Stănescu, the director of Unirea National College, sent them a wish You are braver than you think, stronger than you look and smarter than you think!

The opening ceremony was attended by dir. prof. Aurora Stănescu, assistant director Corina Pastia, coordinator of educational projects and programs, Prof. Laura Sabău, together with guests Prof. Dr. Sabin-Gavril Pășcan, Prof. Dr. Kozak Maria, school inspector Romanian language and literature, Prof. Irimie Camelia, inspector for monitoring programs regarding access to education, from the Mureș County Police Inspectorate, Szasz Ioana, deputy chief agent, deputy commissioner Radu Mihai Ionescu, head of the Regional Prevention Center, Drug Evaluation and Counseling Târgu Mureș, and Carina Băciuț, a student in the 4th grade, who gave a message of encouragement to the youngest students in the school.

“Whenever we think of Unirea National College, we first have before our eyes the imposing image of the building which, in over 100 years of existence, has given meaning and value to some destinies. Every summer after June 15, immersed in an anxious wait, the building waits with the patience and wisdom accumulated over time. And, suddenly, on the eve of autumn, it seems to be reborn and comes alive again under the tumult of footsteps and voices entering the school. This stable building, now enlivened, wishes you, along with all of us, Welcome to the new school year! At this unique moment when we wish to surpass the horizons of knowledge in a new school year, I invite you to convey our thoughts of welcome and the hope that the creative impulses and the desire to achieve will animate the ideals of the new generations of “Unitarian” students said Aurora Stănescu, director Unirea National College.

Who are the conductors?

School is the launching pad to the realization of dreams. Here are the teachers who will build wings for these students.

In the preparatory class, 37 students, director Roșca Crina. Class IA, 19 students led by Scumpu Mihaela. Class II-A, 34 students led by Russu Monica. Class III-A, 26 students led by Sântean Claudia. Class IV-A, 37 students led by Stoica Andreea. Class VA, 26 students led by Varga Marta. Class VI-A with a number of 27 students led by Bako Aliz, Class VII-A, 30 students led by Comșa Maria. Class VIII-A, 30 students led by Suciu Stanca.

Class IX-A Mathematics-Informatics-Intensive Informatics, a number of 29 student leaders Hexer Eniko. Class IX-B Mathematics-Informatics, 27 student leaders Motorga Maia. Class IX C Natural Sciences – Intensive English-27 student leaders Bandila Melania. Class IX D Natural Sciences-intensive German-French with a number of 28 student leaders Russian Laura. Class IX E Social Sciences-intensive English with a number of 28 student leaders Marine Marius. Class IX F Bilingual English Philology, 26 student leaders Iacov Hermina. Class XA Mathematics-Informatics-Intensive Informatics, 24 student leaders Marginean Manuela. Class XB Natural Sciences-intensive English, 29 student leaders It cost Adrian. Class XC Natural Sciences-intensive German-French with a number of 25 student leaders Hello Suzana. Class XD Social Science intensive English, 30 students, teachers Rad Mihaela. Class XE Philology bilingual English, 27 student leaders Pintilie Tunde. Class XI-A Mathematics-Informatics-Intensive Informatics, 29 student leaders Black Ana Maria. Class XI-B, Science-intensive English, 35 student leaders Cristina Lazin. Class XI-C Natural Sciences-intensive German-French, 31 student leaders Dear Cristinel. Class XI-D Social Science intensive English, 34 students, teachers Mircea Teodora. Class XI-E, 32 student leaders Pop Consuela. Class XII-A Mathematics-Informatics-Intensive Informatics, 29 student leaders Christian rent. Class XII-B Natural Sciences-intensive English, 30 students, teachers Branea Cristina. Class XII-C Natural Sciences-intensive German-French, 22 student leaders Constantin Lupaescu. Class XII-D Social Science Intensive English, 33 student leaders Sabu Laura. Class XII-E Bilingual English Philology, 33 students, teachers Romonti Mioara.

Good luck in the new school year!

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