January 31, 2023

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UMFST, with confidence and optimism towards the new academic year – Mures News, Mures Targu News

The opening of the 2022-2023 academic year of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology (UMFST) “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureș took place on Monday, September 19, at the Palace of Culture in the city center. Excited academics and students were present, ready with fresh strength to step on a new path of knowledge and development.

“Of many, One, of many, One!”

At the opening of the event, the rector of UMFST “George Emil Palade”, Dr. Leonard Azamfirei, addressed all those present: “Today, 2,067 students enter the university in the 35 undergraduate study programs, to which are added 640 students in master’s degree and 66 students in the doctoral school. More than 2,800 students enter our university in the first year. I wish them success in developing an idea of ​​life and at the end of these studies they will become more mature, more useful and certainly more skilled. I also greet the 150 international students who came to Târgu Mureș to UMFST in the first year. They chose well, they were chosen well and they will become Romanians, maybe more Romanians like many Romanians among us. May the academic year 2022-2023 be a year of normalcy and progress for everyone. I will conclude, as I do every time, by reminding you of the motto of our university: “E Pluribus Unum” – Out of many, One, out of many, One! I wish you each to find your own identity so that you give value to the effort you make”.

In Hungarian, a speech was given by Prof. Univ. Dr. Nagy Előd Ernő, vice-rector of UMFST “George Emil Palade”.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Amelia Tero-Vescan, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in English, conveyed with emotion to the international students: “This celebration is about you, our dear students. This marks not only the beginning of the new academic year, but also the most important event in your adult life. It is the beginning of your student life, with hopes, accomplishments, gratitudes and maybe sometimes, disappointments. I wish you to be healthy, brave, full of energy, optimistic but realistic at the same time. I wish you to stay true to yourself, be a role model for your peers and the generations to come, always think that you can learn more, follow your “Alma Mater” all your life and want to become better at every day”.

Cristina Hidoș, president of the Student League from Târgu Mureș, also wished prosperity and dedication: “It is a special day, a day full of emotion for each of us, because today marks a new beginning. It’s not just the beginning of an academic year, and it’s the time when our newest colleagues will first step through the university gates as students. For them, this day represents their initiation into studentship, paving the way to a bright future. We, as senior colleagues witnessing this start, can only congratulate you and submit that you have an arduous journey ahead that will have both ups and downs, but at the end of which you will find yourself as core members of the community in which you will live and work”.

Also, Varga Laszlo, the representative of the Association of Hungarian Students from Târgu Mureș, wished the students a year full of success and a warm welcome to UMFST: “Feel well, develop, always have respect and esteem for people, towards teaching staff and colleagues to the same extent. May your smile and joy accompany you throughout your college years!”.

“Make up your mind to change this country!”

An honorable presence at the Opening Ceremony of the academic year was the Minister of National Defense, Vasile Dîncu. He spoke, thanking and wishing good luck to both the students and those who play an extremely important role in their preparation.

“Thank you once again, Mr. Rector, for this extraordinary partnership with the Ministry of National Defense, your University being one of the important places where military doctors are trained. This special profession, I think, adds something to the crown of laurels of the intellectual force that the “George Emil Palade” University in Târgu Mureș has, not only in Romania, but also in Europe. I would say one thing, which Constantin Noica said, “I would like to write on the frontispiece of the school: “Here you don’t know who gives and who receives”, the Minister of National Defense sent, referring to the Romanian philosopher Constantin Noica, illustrating with the words him in terms of the reciprocity between student and teacher, which is established throughout the entire educational process.

Vasile Dîncu encouraged the young people who are following their path, overwhelming them with advice and the exhortation to fight, to dare to change the universe of the country in which they live and learn: “We are very dissatisfied with the way Romania is evolving. Many doctors have left, many specialists have left Romania. It is true that we have the feeling that Romania is an eternal project, an eternal project that would never be completed, that would never reach maturity. I want to tell you that this is also a chance. If it was a finished project, you would be less likely to change this project. If we were a country with a tightly knit, perfectly bureaucratized administration where everything worked perfectly, innovation and creativity would not be possible in the way that it is possible in an unfinished country, so to speak. Think about changing this country! Make your essential contribution, but fight for it!”.


Photo: Alin Zaharie

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