January 27, 2023

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UMFST, new academic year in three locations – Stiri din Mures, Stiri Targu Mures

The opening of the academic year 2022-2023 was the occasion of the rector of the University of Medicine, Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology (UMFST) “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureș, prof. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei, to point out some aspects related to both the newcomers among the UMFST, as well as aspects related to the news of the beginning of the new academic year.

The novelty of the beginning of the academic year highlighted by the rector of Azamfira was related to the UMFST extensions in Hamburg, Germany, respectively in Bistrita. “This is the first year we are starting in normal conditions, resettled on other dimensions, technological if you like, because the pandemic also brought at least one good thing, namely the fact that it increased the pace of our adaptation to technological means. It is a win that we must keep in the future. We are opening this academic year in a different way. For the first time we are practically opening the academic year in three different locations. The central location, the well-known one in this city, where the university is based, with classic programs, with new programs, and here I mean the programs of medical chemistry, technological chemistry and the architecture program in English. Equally, in the coming days, we are opening the academic year at the extension of the university in Hamburg where, this year, we have 522 students. Here we enter the technical education part in a direct relationship with the 16 hospitals with which the university in Germany has collaborative relations. To the more than 500 students from Hamburg are added the 726 students from Târgu Mureș from Medicine, 120 from Dentistry, so that 1,400 international students enrich the spiritual, cultural and intellectual endowment of the university. The third place where we open the academic year is our recent extension, the youngest child in Bistrita where in the afternoon of Monday, September 19, we will open the general medical assistance program. Last Friday, the Senate of the university decided, something that I am saying for the first time, as starting from the 2023-2024 academic year, to the program that we are already opening today in Bistrita, to add two more new study programs, a program of dental technique and a pharmacy assistant program”, stated the rector of UMFST “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureș.

“I regret the local disinterest”

As for Târgu Mureșul, the rector Leonard Azamfirei pointed out some of the projects that it is hoped will find their finality in the next period. “This year, in just a few weeks, the rehabilitation and restoration of the central campus building will be completed. To these, one important thing is added. Perhaps the point closest to our heart, of many of us, is the fact that the beautiful Festive Hall of the university will take on the shape and appearance it had in the interwar period. It is a tribute that the university will pay to the personality of Mihai Viteazu, an important historical figure of the whole of Romania. All this and much more that I cannot say here today actually means the development of the university done as you well know, in a form that makes sense, that promotes internationalization and interdisciplinarity through its own resources, as it is done well and through – a natural growth, unfortunately without the support of the local administration. I regret the local disinterest we encounter, but we will continue the development so that this city, Târgu Mureș, exists at least through the university, even if others have an alternative agenda to the university”, said the university professor. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei.

Emphasis on the development of Military Medicine

The presence of the Minister of Defence, Vasile Dîncu, at the opening of the academic year in Târgu Mureș gave the rector of UMFST the opportunity to remind the purpose of military medicine, developed by the university he seems to lead. “Development also means Military Medicine. The presence of the Minister of Defense among us is an honor and an explicit and implicit proof of support for the Military Medicine program that we are developing in Târgu Mureș, the second center after the one in Bucharest that trains military doctors”, stated the university professor. Dr. Leonard Azamfirei.


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