March 25, 2023

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Ultramodern vocational school workshop, inaugurated at Dräxlmaier Timișoara | TIMPOLIS

Photo: Sebastian Tataru

The German company Dräxlmaier inaugurated, in Timişoara, a new school workshop intended for applied theory courses for the students of the Energetic Technological High School “King Ferdinand I”, who study within the dual professional education program supported by the company. The value of the investment is 1.2 million euros.

The workshop has an area of ​​500 square meters, and students have the opportunity to put theory into practice, using a state-of-the-art robot, 3D printer, as well as modern electropneumatic and electrical stations. 50 students from the Energetic Technological High School “King Ferdinand I” are studying today in this professional education program supported by Dräxlmaier Timișoara. Within it, students can opt for the specialization of Electromechanics and maintenance mechanics for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment or for that of Numerical Control Machine Operators. This is the tenth generation of 9th graders to benefit from this program that started in 2014.

Alexander Schubel. Photo: Sebastian Tataru

“The inaugurated workshop is one of the most modern in Romania and offers students excellent conditions for completing their studies. The young people who study in this program have the advantage of developing together with us and getting to know the company’s activity in detail. Some of the graduates from past years work on modern production lines where we make high voltage battery systems and electronic components”, says Dr. Alexander SchubelPlant Manager within Dräxlmaier Timișoara.

He also participated in the event Barbara Gerber, the coordinator of the Professional Training Department of the Dräxlmaier Group. She highlighted the importance of training future professionals within the company; “Our goal is to offer students who study with Dräxlmaier the chance for programs that will provide them with the knowledge and skills necessary for a career. In Timișoara they have all the conditions to develop professionally. We have been involved in the development of the vocational school program since 2012, from the first initiative of this type in Romania, and we have laid the foundations for strong partnerships with schools and local communities.”

Barbara Gerber. Photo: Sebastian Tataru

The general school inspector of the Timiş School Inspectorate, Aura Danielescu, says that this is an important investment made by Dräxlmaier Timisoara in the school workshop and in the new generations of students: “Securing tomorrow’s specialists is extremely important. They accumulate the experience and qualification needed to get a job right from school.”

Dräxlmaier Group supports professional education programs through sustainable collaborations with high schools in all the cities where it still operates: Pitesti, Timișoara, Hunedoara and Brașov.

Photo: Sebastian Tataru

Dräxlmaier Group is an international automotive component supplier with over 65 locations in over 20 countries. Founded in Germany in 1958, the company employs more than 75,000 people worldwide. For the DRÄXLMAIER Group as an owner-managed business, responsible and long-term thinking has always been the basis of economic success. Therefore, a central element of its strategy is the design of business and production processes, as well as the realization of products, in a more sustainable manner in order to increase the competitiveness of the company in the long term.

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