October 2, 2022

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Ukrainian media: Russian propagandists claim that the alleged killer of Daria Dughina has been found dead

Information about the death of the Ukrainian, Natalia Vovk, whom the Russian intelligence services call the “assassin” of the daughter of the Kremlin ideologue, Aleksandr Dughin, appeared online, the Ukrainian press writes.

The information was not confirmed, however: the news was supported by fake photos and ambiguous signatures, Ukrainian media reports.

The information appeared in an article on the Austrian portal Express. It seems that in Russia the material about the alleged death has been reposted in every possible public place.

The Austrian press published information according to which Natalya Vovk was found dead with 17 knife wounds in a hotel. In her hand was a note with an unknown content.

To confirm the information, the journalists used a photo of a girl killed in Moscow in 2020, which was quickly discovered as inappropriate on the Internet, the Ukrainian press writes.

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Who is behind the assassination

Russia has accused Ukraine of being behind the assassination near Moscow of Daria Dughina, the daughter of Russian ultranationalist intellectual Aleksandr Dughin, whose ideas are found in the politics currently promoted by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It is a hypothesis considered by Western experts in the field of secret services to be both possible and unlikely, commented France Presse in an analysis on Thursday.

Daria Dughina (29 years old) was killed on Saturday in the explosion of her car, under which a bomb had been placed.

Kiev rejected Russian accusations that a Ukrainian woman stalked it, and then eliminated Dughina, after which she fled to Estonia.

On the assumption that they could have done it: ‘Could we have transferred 400 grams of TNT to Russia? Theoretically, yes. Could we have made a bomb? Yes’, a senior official from the Ukrainian secret services says for AFP, on the condition of anonymity.

But what good? Nobody in Ukraine really knows who Dughin is. Who would know about his daughter? Killing her makes no sense’, he claims.

Since the annexation of the Crimean peninsula by Russia in 2014, Ukraine has had time to develop clandestine (resistance) networks on the territory of the neighboring country, AFP notes.

“I think that since March there is a Ukrainian structure installed in Russia, a logistical and (…) operational structure,” says Gerald Arboit, an expert in information services at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM).

Kiev also benefits from ‘American and British advisers’. But, for such a project, actions of recognition, tracking (of the target) and bringing a team to the field to carry out the operation were necessary. A single person could not be responsible for both recognition and the operational side’, adds the quoted expert, mentioning the possibility of support from some Russian opposition groups.

In fact, such an operation is especially complex in a context of open war. “The assassination of Daria Dughina took place in Moscow, an area where the Ukrainian services could hardly reach”, says Colin Clarke, director of research at the Soufan Center, a think-tank in New York.

He considers this hypothesis unlikely, taking into account, however, that “Ukrainian special forces or intelligence agents are probably capable of such an attack.”

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