January 27, 2023

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Ukraine wants to liberate all occupied territories, and Dmitry Medvedev threatens the West with the third world war

Having driven Russian troops out of the country’s northeast with a swift counteroffensive, Ukraine wants to liberate all territories occupied by the invading forces.

The leader of the White House warns, however, that the goal will be reached after “a long road” and is preparing a new package of military assistance to help Kiev.

President Zelenski made a surprise visit to Izium on Wednesday to thank the troops for the lightning advance of the last week.

On the other hand, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev is threatening the West with World War III. The Russians have left, the joy is immense, but so is the despair. The people of Balaklia rushed to grab something when the truck with food aid sent by Kyiv arrived.

It will take a long time for people to recover from six traumatic months.

In another newly liberated town, Shevchenkove, Larisa is almost ashamed when she tells reporters how little food she has in the house. Just some rice, flour and sugar. For six months, she and her 35-year-old daughter lived like prisoners in their own apartment. The shops were only open to Russian soldiers.

Tanks and trucks marked with the letter “Z” – symbol of the Russian army – now lie abandoned on the roads in Izium. The city in eastern Ukraine covers almost 43 square kilometers – and is part of the vast territory that – says President Zelensky – his army has reclaimed from the invaders.

The Ukrainian military says Izium is a huge strategic loss for Moscow, which has been using the city as a military base and supply hub for forces in eastern Ukraine.

Sam Kiley, CNN correspondent, Izium: “Down here was some kind of medical facility, let’s call it that… And inside this bunker was a barracks… Russian soldiers slept here.”

There they slept on some … doors, from which they had improvised beds. But even in the church the occupants had made their barracks.

Sam Kiley, CNN correspondent, Izium: “Here was the command center. It’s amazing. There are different labels, with the roles of Russian officers, stuck on these school desks moved into the bunker. They felt safe down here, underground. But in the end, it was no longer safe for them to remain in Izium.”

“They were running like mice. They were running and abandoning everything – vehicles and even their own people. One of them, who was wounded, they even shot, just to escape.”

Brig. Gender. Pat Ryder, Pentagon: We collaborate with the Ukrainians on all levels. In the military field, we provide them with sensitive information at the right time to help them initiate actions and defend their homeland.”

However, military successes also potentiate the risks.

Serhii, resident of Kharkiv: (Putin-ed.) doesn’t know what else to do and will hit our infrastructure harder and harder, so that we no longer have water, electricity, to amplify the chaos and intimidate us. But he will not succeed, we will survive, and Little will soon crack!”

All this time, the former president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev qualified the security guarantees demanded by Kyiv to the most important Western countries as “a prologue to the third world war”.

“If these half-wits continue to pump the Kyiv regime unfettered with the most dangerous types of weapons, then sooner or later the military campaign will go to another level. Then their peoples will feel the pain to the full. Earth theirs will literally burn and the concrete will melt. All over the world it will be very, very bad. After all, it is said, ‘A third of the people were killed by these three plagues: the fire, the smoke, and the blight that were coming out of their mouths’ (Rev. 9:18),” threatened Dmitri Medevdev with quotes from the Apocalypse.

Beyond such hysterical statements, American generals with a lot of front-line experience draw attention to three dangers for Ukraine. The first would be tempo, meaning the speed and rhythm of operations. In other words, troops must not advance faster than artillery, supply trucks, scouts, and intelligence can follow. Another factor that must be taken into account is the fatigue of the soldiers.

Experience shows that the forces on the offensive can only attack for 4-5 days without yielding. And commanders and leaders start making very bad decisions after 3 days of insufficient sleep. Finally, there is the danger of unpredictable elements. For example, the effects of the attack on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, the consequences of a possible breakdown of the nuclear power plant, the resort to weapons of mass destruction by Moscow, or the consequences of a coup d’état in the Kremlin.

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