January 27, 2023

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Ukraine reacts harshly, after the statements of the former minister Marga: “They are unacceptable”. Foreign press: A former communist

The statement of the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Marga, according to which Ukraine is in “unnatural” borders and must cede territories to Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia, provoked the reaction of the Embassy of Ukraine in Bucharest.

The Embassy of Ukraine conveyed that these statements are unacceptable and represent “a particularly flagrant violation at a time when Ukraine heroically defends its independence and the security of the whole of Europe”, notes News.ro.

Marga: Ukraine is in unnatural borders. It must cede territories to Hungary, Poland, Romania and Russia

Andrei Marga, former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Education and former rector of “Babeş-Bolyai” University Cluj-Napoca, declared during a conference held on Friday in Alba Iulia, that Ukraine is in “unnatural borders” and must cede territories Russia, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

“We are here with an absolutely special situation and I submit it with all responsibility, Ukraine is in unnatural borders. It must cede territories to Hungary – Transcarpathia, Poland – Galicia, Romania – Bucovina and Russia – Donbass and Crimea. They are territories of other countries. We cling, that’s it, there will be conflict. And I end with this, let’s be very clear: as long as it is not resolved through a discussion with America and Russia, Germany, Ukraine and China and an agreement is not reached, there will be no peace in Europe. Without peace, democracy will suffer”, said Andrei Marga.

Teodor Baconschi: Mr. Marga, try to live in the 21st century!

And former Foreign Minister Teodor Baconschi criticized Marga’s statement.

“I punctually break a rule that I imposed on myself: to never say/write anything critical about (however) the few compatriots who had the privilege and responsibility of leading Romanian Diplomacy after 1989. It seemed elementary to me that, between the former foreign ministers, there should be solidarity and mutual appreciation, above political or ideological divisions: basically, they represented one country and one nation in the rest of the world. However, the recent statements of Mr. Andrei Marga about the possible fate of Ukraine are regrettable and scandalous. We really can no longer imagine Europe as a territorial cake shared by various disillusioned dictators at the cost of savage wars. Mr. Marga, try to live in the 21st century and respect, at least through silence, the effort of the post-war and post-communist generations to build a European project defined by peace and democracy,” Baconschi wrote on Facebook.

Former minister Adrian Cioroianu also took a stand.

“It was absolutely natural that Romania should also have its share of illiberals, people who would resonate with what Viktor Orban says or what Vladimir Putin says. (…) Starting from the fantasy that if you give an aggressive neighbor a piece you will thank him, history has shown that we are wrong. If you make a concession to an aggressive state, it will become even more aggressive,” Cioroianu told Digi24, specifying that he is speaking as a teacher.

The former foreign minister also referred to what he called the “ghost of neutrality”, arguing that history shows that whenever we tried to remain neutral in this area, “it just didn’t work out”, “since Carol I until the time of Nicolae Ceauşescu”. He specified that what is happening in Ukrainian is our business, because it is about the values ​​that the Romanian state has built for 30 years.

Press from Ukraine, by Ukraine

– “Andrei Marga, former communist and informant of the Romanian special services, believes that Ukraine is in “unnatural borders”, commented the Ukrainian publication Focus, quoted by Ziare.com.

– And the publication Obozrevatel, which notes ironically that Marga is a “diplomat” and “political scientist”, says that he “believes that Ukraine is still far from democracy”.

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