October 2, 2022

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Ukraine does not want a “Minsk 3” – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

The Secretary of the Council for National Security and Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Danilov, warned during the informative telethon of Ukrainian televisions against the “freezing” of the war started by Russia and the adoption of a conditional “Minsk-3” type agreement.
Kiev must not accept under any circumstances the “freezing” of the current war with Russia, he believes, because sooner or later the Russian Federation will try to capture territories of Ukraine again anyway.
“In this war, each country has its own interests, but it is necessary to prevent a conditional ‘Minsk-3’, our society will not accept such a thing. The conditions of ‘Minsk-1’ and ‘Minsk-2’ were absolutely unacceptable for Ukraine”, he said, referring to the agreements mediated by France and Germany, intended to end the hostilities in Donbas (east).
Danilov mentioned that some countries are helping Ukraine, while others believe that a “negotiation” would be necessary with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, as a hard winter is coming and gas prices have risen significantly.
“Our citizens give their lives. The price Ukrainians pay as a nation costs us dearly. It is about the whole of Europe, Ukraine is a border, if we had not rejected the Russian aggression on February 24, the Russian tanks could have reached Warsaw, Vilnius and other European cities”, said the Ukrainian official.
At the same time, Danilov declared that Russia is conducting a “strong” media campaign against Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and one of the narratives promoted by Russian propaganda is the thesis that the world is “tired of the war” of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.
The official in Kyiv noted that this is not true, and the civilized world continues to support Ukraine.
A similar opinion was expressed by the adviser to the head of the presidential administration in Kyiv, Mihailo Podoliak. According to him, compromises with Russia will be a disaster, the war must end with a military victory for Ukraine, a tribunal for war criminals and a transformation of the Russian Federation, reports the League, citing his statements sent via Twitter.

For this, apart from weapons, the will to win is necessary, he says. “. All ‘compromises’ will have disastrous consequences for humanity”, believes Podoliak.
On August 24, on Ukraine’s Independence Day, Volodymyr Zelensky declared that, at this stage, Ukraine is not ready for a ceasefire and negotiations with the aggressor country.
“In the place where we are, we are not ready for a ceasefire. I explained that there will not be a ‘Minsk-3’, or a ‘Minsk-5’ or a ‘Minsk-7’. We will not enter into such games, we have lost part of the territories”, the Ukrainian president explained, stressing that if the Ukrainian forces now leave the southern regions under Russian occupation, Ukraine will no longer have access to the sea, and Russian troops will continue to attack Nikolaev, Odessa and, in the future, Kiev.
“Therefore, our state will not engage in stabilizing the situation where the troops are now in order to calm the Russian Federation,” Zelensky said.
Russia and Ukraine have held several rounds of talks since the start of the invasion, but no progress has been made and there is little prospect of their resumption.
Moreover, the vice-president of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, considered an important ally of President Vladimir Putin, told French television (LCI) that Moscow would not stop its military campaign in Ukraine even if Kiev officially renounced its aspirations to join to NATO.


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