March 29, 2023

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Turk, wanted internationally, found by the police in Constanţa

A Turkish citizen wanted internationally for aggravated robbery, illegal deprivation of liberty, threat and deception was detected by the Immigration police and from IPJ Constanța, the General Inspectorate for Immigration (IGI) informed on Saturday.

On October 7 this year, in the city of Constanţa, the policemen of the Immigration Service of Constanţa County, in cooperation with the policemen of the Criminal Investigation Service – Investigations Department of the Constanța County Police Inspectorate, detected a man, 40 years old, a Turkish citizen , residing in the city of Constanţa, against whom the judicial authorities in Turkey requested provisional arrest, with a view to extradition, according to a statement sent by the IGI.

The man was sentenced to a custodial sentence of 16 years and 6 months in prison for the crimes of aggravated robbery, unlawful deprivation of liberty, threat and deception.

He entered Romania legally, for the purpose of work and benefited from the right of residence. The Turkish citizen was handed over to the policemen of the Constanta County Police Inspectorate, in order to continue the proceedings, in favor of the Turkish authorities.

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A Romanian breaks records in Italy: 22 thefts and crimes in just four months

A Romanian breaks records in Italy, after committing no less than 22 crimes in four months. The 33-year-old was arrested by the police.

A 33-year-old Romanian was arrested in Prato, being accused of 22 crimes committed in Livorno between March and July. He allegedly stole bags, wallets and food products, attacking and threatening with a knife a man who caught him stealing in a supermarket and threatening him with death.

According to the Italian publication Il Giornale, the Romanian committed up to 22 crimes in just over four months in Livorno, including thefts and other assaults. To make his tracks disappear, the young man moved almost a hundred kilometers away from Livorno.

The Romanian does not have a stable domicile in Italy

The protagonist of the story does not have a stable domicile, originally from Romania, he was arrested in Prato by the police and is currently incarcerated in the local Dogaia prison. The arrest was carried out at the end of an operation led by the Livorno Prosecutor’s Office, which led the investigation carried out by the mobile team and the carabinieri.

The Romanian is accused of more than twenty crimes, all committed in the Livorno area between March and July: if it is not a record, it is very close. The first crime that was attributed to him in chronological order dates back to March 16, when, in a restaurant, he allegedly stole a bag containing credit cards, sunglasses, a mobile phone and 65 euros in cash.

This was only the first of a long series: on March 27 he allegedly repeated the action against a woman who was walking in the streets of the city center, ripping out her purse and taking all its contents. He then allegedly targeted two supermarkets: on May 5 he entered the changing rooms of a Penny supermarket and took the wallets of some employees, and on May 7 he took just under 300 euros from the Dpiù store.

Also, on May 14 and 25, he allegedly targeted two supermarkets. In the first case, he got away with more than forty cans of tuna (worth about 300 euros), and in the second case, he would probably have got away with a similar loot, if he hadn’t been discovered by a man while hiding the goods in his backpack.

The Romanian was particularly aggressive

In response, the Romanian attacked the person who suggested he put the shopping away. Due to the blows received, the man arrived at the emergency room. At the same time, he repeatedly threatened to die, brandishing a knife. Meanwhile, he stole another 150 euros from a student’s briefcase, after sneaking into a high school in the city of Labria (on May 17).

On May 26, he even tried to steal from an oratory, damaging its gate, and on June 28, he stole a mobile phone from the owner of a diagnostic center. The last two acts of robbery targeted as many bicycles stolen from private homes in July of last year.

The 33-year-old then walked away, but the search continued. Finally, the investigators tracked them down in Prato.

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