December 9, 2022

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TULCEA: The ‘Apele unite ale României’ caravan left for Mila 23

Approximately 100 people left Tulcea on Tuesday, at lunchtime, in canoes and kayaks, on the Danube, to Mila 23, the native village of Ivan Patzaichin, as part of the “Apele unite ale României” caravan, part of the “Ivan Patzaichin” Festival “, which debuted on Monday evening, on the Danube embankment in the municipality.

The objective of the caravan is to promote nature-friendly tourism, and in the canoes and kayaks there are both employees of state institutions with responsibilities in protecting the environment, as well as leaders of environmental organizations, businessmen and simple nature lovers who wanted to to honor the memory of Ivan Patzaichin.

“I came here out of respect, out of the desire to pass on what I learned from Mr. Ivan Patzaichin. The first day of the tour will be difficult from the point of view of the organizers, but the difficult moment will be at Mile 23, when we will not find Ivan. However, we will find everything he left there and that will make us very happy”, declared for AGERPRES, the commander of the “Mircea” brig, Commander Mircea Târhoacă.

The president of the “Ciulinii Bărăganului” association, Dumitru Munteanu, has been participating in the caravan with his own kayak since its inception, three editions ago.

“My first kayak tour was the Danube International Tour (TID). I left Călăraşi, three editions ago, and then I became friends with those who came from Ingolstadt. Unfortunately, due to the war in Ukraine, TID stopped this year in Silistra. It’s a pity, but these are the conditions”, said Dumitru Munteanu.

Among the participants are also young people who are having their first experience with canoeing.

“I came to be with our colleagues, to honor the memory of the great athlete and man of the Delta. We are at the first participation. We are not trained for such a thing, but otherwise we keep in shape. I think the sun will be the most important challenge”, said the advisor from the National Agency for Natural Protected Areas, Vladimir Preda.

The “United Waters of Romania” caravan left Tulcea around 11:00 a.m., and for one of the organizers, Viorel Gheorghe, the instructor of the boat-building workshops for children, the first day will be the hardest.

“Of the more than 40 kilometers we have to cover until Mile 23, 25 kilometers are on the first day. It’s the longest stage, but there’s nothing we can do. You can’t camp in the Delta, and then we have to walk a long way to civilization. We hope to catch some current. Anyway, it’s not something impossible”, said Viorel Gheorghe.

A boat of the Tulcea Port Authority accompanied the caravan participants on the Danube, so that they would be protected from the impact of the waves produced by the ships.

Among the friends left on the Danube embankment in Tulcea is the artist Dan Vezentan, involved in the project of the monumental ensemble dedicated to Ivan Patzaichin.

“I participated in the last two years in the tours in Delta and it was extraordinary. (…) When Teodor Frolu proposed to me the design of one of the works of this ensemble, I was very excited. It seemed very normal to do that. We are five artists working on this ensemble, and I designed a water collection system that works like a boot. The water from the Danube will be collected and then it will be filtered and it will be possible to consume it. There will be a watering hole on the pontoon for kayakers and those who will meet here to go to the Delta. The work is a mill wheel with a diameter of four meters”, said Dan Vezentan.

Moreover, the plans and the model of the architectural ensemble that will be placed on the Ivan Patzaichin embankment can be seen, starting from Tuesday, at the Tulcea Art Museum, until the end of this week.

The “United Waters of Romania” caravan will arrive on Thursday, at Mila 23, where the plans for a museum to be built in memory of Ivan Patzaichin will be presented and where the photo exhibition “People of the Delta”, signed by Dragoş Lumpan, will be opened.

On Friday and Saturday, in Tulcea, the organizers of the “Ivan Patzaichin” Festival invite children and adults to workshops and sports rowing competitions on Lake Ciuperca, to the opening of the exhibition “Challenges and answers on the Danube – Hungary and navigation on the Danube in the interwar period”, at Casa Avramide, and at the concerts at the Railway Station supported by Subcarpathi, Tumbe, Rusalka and Zagăn, on the first evening, Alternosfera, Dimitri’s Bats and Blană Bombă, on the second evening.

On Saturday, there will be a conference on “Sustainable development solutions in Tulcea and the Danube Delta”, as part of the “United Waters of Romania” debate series, a project that aims to democratize access to water for as many people as possible. citizens, their understanding of the value of the river and its relation to the city and the community.

The “Ivan Patzaichin” festival is organized by the “Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23” Association, together with the Tulcea City Hall, the Tulcea County Council and the Department for Sustainable Development.

Source – AGERPRES/Online editor – Doina Sîrbu

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