June 5, 2023

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Traian Square, animated by street art, contemporary circus, and music | TIMPOLIS

Photo source: Timisoara City Hall

momentuma complex festival of street art, with contemporary circus representatives, theater, routes through the city seen through the eyes of four prominent female personalities for the history of Timișoara, circus and contemporary dance workshops, but also an extraordinary concert by the Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra, will take place between September 27 and October 1, in Piaţa Traian.

Continuing the route of cultural events that will take place in 2023, together with the honoring of Timisoara’s title as the European Capital of Culture, The Impulse Festival brings this year, to Piața Traian in Timișoara, a series of cultural acts, in collaboration with French and Romanian cultural operators, involved in the process of transforming Timișoara into a center of culture and cultural integration of minorities. Since its first edition, in 2018, the Impuls festival has endeavored to bring street arts, circus and music to public spaces and the outskirts of the city to offer an often vulnerable audience access to culture.

If in 2019 The Impulse Festival brought to the fore acrobatics and dance performances with artists from France, Germany and Romania, as well as two manouche jazz evenings with the Franco-Iranian group Manushan and an extraordinary recital of fiddle music, Taraf de Caliu, this year, the Festival Impuls proposes a complex series of diverse cultural events, involving not only the community of Piața Traian, but also citizens from all areas of the city of Timișoara, to enjoy together contemporary circus, theatre-manifesto, architecture, contemporary dance, circus workshops and the music.

The Impuls Festival will take place in Traian Square, but also through the itineraries of four emblematic women of the city – Sorina Jecza, Adriana Babeți, Luciana Friedman and Françoise Pamfil -, which will lead the public to discover the secret of Timisoara.

The Impuls Festival aims to promote street arts, circus and music in the city’s public and peripheral spaces to give them a cultural aura. In addition, it provides an opportunity to promote the exceptional architecture of this neighborhood and to make residents aware of the magnificent historical heritage of their neighborhood.

For this year’s edition, he is invited Eleftherios Kechagioglou, the founder of Le Plus Petite Cirque du Monde, who will orchestrate (together with the Beta Timișoara architecture biennial and with local partners such as the Timișoara Circus School, led by Imre Nagythe Basque Theater, the Traian Citizen Association and the contemporary dance company Unfold Motion), a festival similar to the one he created in Elefsina, Greece, which is also the European capital of culture in 2023.

This joint project between two European capitals of culture in 2023 is the result of a cross-cooperation between the French institutes of Athens and Timisoara, the Elefsina 2023 Committee and the Project Center for Timisoara 2023. To help us discover the Fabric neighborhood, but also life stories, childhood memories rooted in the city and to share unusual and fascinating experiences, we invited four women from Timișoara, each iconic and emblematic in their own field, to research the neighborhood and their memories through four routes that the public is invited to accompany them. The festival will end in style and music on October 1, with a concert in Traian Square by the famous European group Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra. This cooperation project initiated by the French Institute of Timișoara and the City Hall Project Center for Timișoara 2023 will strengthen the rich and fruitful historical links with the city and its cultural institutions“, he declares Tilla Rudeldirector of the French Institute in Romania in Timișoara.

The event, organized by the French Institute in Timișoara, in partnership with Le Plus Petit Cirque du Monde, Beta, Unfold Motion, Cetățean de Traian and the Circus School, through the Project Center, is part of the cultural program through which Timișoara obtained the title of Capital European Union of Culture for the year 2023.

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