October 2, 2022

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Tornado, heavy rainfall and flooded streets. Extreme phenomena have taken over our country PHOTO GALLERY

The storms devastated several areas of the country on Monday. Floods occurred in Arad, Dâmbovița, Oradea and Buzău, and strong gusts knocked down trees and house roofs.

Yellow and orange rain codes remain in effect until Tuesday evening for most of the country

On Monday morning, Runcu commune in Gorj county was hit by a flood, and in Șimnicu de Sus, Dolj, people saw a tornado-like storm in the sky that came terribly close to their houses.

Witnesses who had the courage to get closer also caught the spinning motions climbing skyward through the apparently broken wire.

Fortunately, the phenomenon stopped after a few minutes without causing any damage.

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The flood also hit the town of Fieni in Dâmbovița

A flood also hit the town of Fieni, the Costești neighborhood and the Runcu commune in Dămbovița. The Ialomicioara, a tributary of the Ialomița, burst its banks and flooded the main road and broke a gas branch. The water reached the stables of a farm, and the caretakers had to move 17 horses in a hurry.

The balance sheet made by ISU Dâmboviţa shows that in the city of Fieni, Costeşti district, 20 households were flooded, and in the village of Bădeni, water entered five yards. Also, the flood broke the gas connection in a household, reports News.ro.

Oradea, swept by the waters

After the heavy rain swept Oradea, dozens of streets were flooded, and some basements of homes were flooded with water, according to the Ebihorean.

In Buzău, the basements of some public institutions were flooded following a heavy rain

Firefighters intervene, on Monday evening, to evacuate the water accumulated in the basements of several public institutions in the municipality of Buzău, following a heavy rain that lasted for an hour. At the same time, several streets were flooded, and traffic is difficult.

People have received Ro-Alert warning messages for heavy rain.

According to the meteorological warning sent through the RO-Alert system, quantitatively significant rains, up to 40 liters per square meter, and storms were expected.

Thus, according to the representatives of the ISU Buzău, the firefighters intervene to evacuate the water accumulated after the rain from the basements of several institutions, such as the Buzău Prefecture and the ANAF headquarters, but also at private homes in the municipality of Buzău.

Traffic on the streets of the municipality, many of which are under rehabilitation, is moving with difficulty due to the accumulated water on the road. There are also problems in the industrial area of ​​the city of Buzău, an artery recently rehabilitated with European money, where the water did not drain and a “lake” huge through which drivers pass very slowly.

Dozens of households flooded following the rains in Vrancea. Firefighters intervene to evacuate the water

Dozens of households in several localities in Vrancea county were flooded, Monday evening, following the heavy rains. Firefighters intervene to evacuate water from flooded yards or houses.

On Monday evening it rained heavily, registering between 30 and 40 liters of water per square meter, in a very short time. Following the strong storm, the intervention of the fire brigade was needed.

Thus, a crew from the Focşani Fire Department intervened with an intervention and rescue vehicle from a height in the town of Câmpineanca to remove a tree struck by lightning that could fall on the roof of a house.

Following the heavy rains, support was requested for the evacuation of water from the yard of an economic agent and three flooded households, in the town of Slobozia Bradului. Firefighters acted with an intervention vehicle and a transportable motor pump.

At the same time, in the town of Obrejiţa, 40 households were flooded. Three crews from the Focşani Fire Department were mobilized. The military firefighters acted with two first intervention and command vehicles, an intervention vehicle, an increased capacity motor pump and two transportable motor pumps. The intervention was carried out in cooperation with the volunteer firefighters of the Voluntary Service for Obrejiţa Emergency Situations.

Also, 20 households were flooded in the town of Sihlea.

The situation is dynamic, and the evolution of dangerous meteorological phenomena is permanently monitored by the Inspectorate’s Operational Center, with military fire crews being prepared to intervene operatively in support of citizens“, convey the representatives of ISU Vrancea.

Stephen the Great’s tower in Piatra Neamţ was struck by lightning

The tower of Stephen the Great in Piatra Neamţ was struck by lightning on Monday afternoon, and the electrical installation, windows, showcases and projectors were damaged.

Flooded households and trees felled by the storm in Hunedoara

Three households, a bar and three streets in the municipality of Hunedoara were flooded on Monday afternoon during a storm, a car was damaged after two trees were blown down by the wind.

According to the data of the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations (ISU) Hunedoara, two more cellars were flooded in the municipality and an electricity pole was damaged by the storm.

Also, a tree fell on the ring road of the municipality of Deva, blocking, for a time, the Vetel-Deva direction of travel.

No human casualties were recorded in any of the situations presented.

Atmospheric instability in almost the entire country

Until Tuesday evening, almost the entire country is under a warning of atmospheric instability and heavy rainfall.

It could rain the most in Alba, Hunedoara, Gorj, Vâlcea, Argeș and Dâmbovița counties, where there is a code orange for bad weather.

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