March 29, 2023

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Thousands of people spent the night in a two-kilometer queue to worship the relics of Saint Parascheva

Thousands of people spent the night in a line that stretched for two kilometers, to worship the relics of Saint Parascheva. Pilgrims, arriving in Iasi, bring flowers to the Saint, as a sign of appreciation, and say a prayer near the reliquary.

After two years of restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the doors of the Metropolis remain open during the night, for the entire duration of the pilgrimage.

Pilgrims queued for hours to worship the holy relics

Loaded with flowers, icons, bags of clothes and other personal items, pilgrims waited for hours to worship the holy relics. Among them, a 73-year-old woman from Brăila. For 26 years, he has been coming to Iași, near the shrine, as a sign of thanks.

Pilgrim:The pious saint brings us joy, I was also sick, I went through these things too, but let us have joy and faith. He saved me, because I had a virus about three years ago and I escaped“.

Another woman has been absent from the pilgrimage for the last 20 years.

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Pilgrim: I also felt heat in my hand when I first came. I felt a little tired. I prayed for the children, for everyone and for all the children who have shelter and those who don’t, for the elderly and for everyone who needs help“.

Pilgrim:May God give us health, to the children, to the whole family. Very hard, very hard“.

After worshiping, some pilgrims spent the night at the Metropolis, before leaving for their homes.

Pilgrim:We worshiped, we made it, now we sit here, let’s rest a little, let’s warm up“.

After two years of restrictions, the doors of the Metropolitan Cathedral remain open at night, during the pilgrimage.

Lucian Apopei, director of communication of the Archdiocese of Iasi: “Rthe lane here, from Cuvioasa Parascheva, has life both day and night. There are some who prepare for a year to come to the pious Parascheva, it’s all about thinking, coming with a good thought“.

Volunteers distributed water and hot tea to the pilgrims. Around 2,000 people passed under the canopy of flowers every hour, and the average waiting time was four hours.

Pilgrims came to pray early in the morning

Pilgrims have already appeared in the courtyard of the Metropolis, some are praying inside the church and attending the service, and around 400 other people are standing in line to reach the holy reliquary, deposited in the canopy of flowers.

Since Saturday, since the pilgrimage began, 39,000 believers, coming from all over the country, but also from abroad, have passed by the reliquary. They all came to pay homage to the saint, to thank her for her help, but also to pray.

For some pilgrims, fatigue took its toll, especially since many of them had to wait for hours, even at night.

66 people needed medical care

In total, doctors intervened for 66 people who had abdominal pain, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia or limb dislocation. Four of them were transported to the hospital.

Access to the courtyard of the Metropolis is through a single corridor, and volunteers and priests guide people permanently.

The pilgrimage from Iasi lasts a whole week. The peak of the celebration will be on October 14, the patron saint of Saint Pious Parascheva, known as the Protector of Moldavia.

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