May 28, 2023

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The Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was again disconnected from the external power supply

Russia launched kamikaze drones and missiles at Ukraine on the night of Sunday into Monday, and also in the morning. “They are trying to terrorize the population,” as President Zelenski said.

At least four people, including a pregnant woman, died in the rubble of an apartment block in Kyiv after drones carrying explosives – believed to be Iranian-made – hit the center of the Ukrainian capital. There are four more victims after a rocket attack in a region of northeastern Ukraine.

Anti-aircraft defense shot down most of the dozens of kamikaze drones sent in this attack. But at least five exploded in central Kiev, including hitting apartment buildings.

Among those who lost their lives are two husbands who were expecting a child. The woman was six months pregnant, as Mayor Vitali Klitschko announced.

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In the images captured by a video camera, you can see how policemen on a patrol shot at some drones and even managed to shoot them down.

But the Interior Ministry asked civilians with guns not to try to shoot the planes with explosives. “It is unlikely that an untrained person will be able to do them, instead there is a risk of injuring one or the other”states the ministry’s statement.

Weighing 200 kilograms, the so-called kamikaze drone carries explosives and destroys itself when it hits its target. They are low-tech and cheap weapons, guided by the civilian GPS system. But they can do considerable damage when sent in swarms.

Vitali Klitschko, Mayor of Kyiv: “It’s a terrorist attack. I have no other term. The Russians are continuing the genocide. They’re hitting civilians, destroying our city’s critical infrastructure. They’re killing innocent people.”.

Hundreds of Ukrainian towns were left without electricity

There were attacks not only in Kyiv. As a result of Russian bombings and other kamikaze drone attacks, in the last 24 hours, approximately 600 localities in Ukraine have been left without electricity.

Worse, the Ukrainians say, the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant was once again disconnected from the power grid and switched to its own generators.

Monday morning’s explosions in Kyiv took place in the same district in the center of the capital, Shevchenkivskiy, where Russian missiles hit a week ago, in retaliation for the so-called “terrorist attack from the Crimean bridge, as denounced by Vladimir Little bit.

The residents of the areas hit last Monday had just started repairing their cars.

Local: “I’ve been living in this apartment for 44 years, it was my parents’. And I’m not going anywhere, we keep fighting and helping each other. I don’t know where to go, where it’s safe… No one knows”.

The daily terror of Russian bombing threats only hardens people. Some residents of Kiev are even beginning to believe in victory.

“Courage and faith”, the motto of a woman from Kyiv

Chris York, British resident in Kyiv: “People are trying to survive as much as possible. Ten minutes ago the air raid siren sounded. As soon as the alert was raised, people came out of the shelters and the subway station and continued on their way.”.

Ekaterina Ivanova, resident of a building bombed by the Russians: “I’ve been sick for years, heart problems and migraines. Everyone asks me how I hold on. How do I hold on? I keep going, stronger every day. Courage and faith! It’s going to be okay”.

The Russians are sending inexperienced soldiers to the front line

On the other hand, there are shocking revelations in the Western media about how conscripts mobilized on Putin’s orders are sent to war. According to The Guardian newspaper, inexperienced Russian soldiers, cynically called “disposable” soldiers, are sent to the front line of fire to “distract” attention from better-trained units carrying out sabotage.

A conversation intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine between a Russian recruit and his wife shows how Moscow’s troops are organized. Prisoners who were promised “freedom” to go to the front are shot by recruits who have just been sent into the heat of battle. They, in turn, risk being shot by their own comrades, if they somehow dare to give back.

The EU will provide Ukraine with military assistance of over 100 million euros

Foreign ministers from the European Union met in Luxembourg and agreed on a military assistance program of more than 100 million euros, in particular for the training of 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers.

Jeppe Kofod, Danish Foreign Minister: “It is very important that we have established a military training mission for Ukraine and that we have unlocked new funds to supply Ukraine with the weapons it needs, not least anti-aircraft weapons systems to defend Ukrainians from attacks which we see now”.

Ministers from the EU bloc also discussed the delivery of combat drones from Iran to Russia. Also regarding new sanctions against Moscow.

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