May 28, 2023

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The winners of the National Rally Raid Championship were announced in Constanța

After three intense days, almost 500 kilometers covered, adrenaline and many unforeseen events, the names of the winners of this year’s edition of the National Rally Raid Championship were determined in Constanța.

The “4V Rally Raid Romania” event, which coincided with the fourth stage of the National Rally Raid Championship, started in the seaside city on Friday morning, when the registration session was officially opened and the technical inspections began.

From that moment, Constantinians of all ages, passionate about motor sports or not, visited the car park specially set up at the entrance to the Mamaia resort and could see up close the vehicles and motorcycles with which the nearly 70 competitors competed for the first the places of the rankings. They were also able to chat directly with the drivers and their co-drivers and learn more about the rally raid.

The day ended in the parking lot next to Modern beach, where the athletes showed off their skills in a Prologue session, and the people of Constanta on the seafront were spectators.

On Saturday, in the early hours of the morning, they all left Constanța in the first session of the “4V Rally Raid Romania”, which took place on the Corbu-Nazarcea route. The race was not without events, with even the reigning champions, Călin Cămărășan and Bogdan Luha, from the SSV class, suffering the most. They encountered technical problems on the course and had to abandon mid-race, thus losing the fight for the title defense.

On Sunday, the overall national champion trophy was already claimed by Ferenc Fodor, from the motorcycle class, the biggest fight went to win the “4V Rally Raid Romania” event. As expected, on the Nazarcea-Corbu route, the first chance was given to the Polish crew consisting of Tomasz Bialkowski and Darek Baskiewicz, European champions with numerous participations in prestigious international SSV races. However, another technical problem ruined their plans as well, so Ferenc Fodor was designated the first runner-up, who also took into account the stage trophy of the general classification.

In addition to many memorable moments, the Constanța stage also offered a high degree of solidarity, which once again demonstrated the close ties that exist between rally raid practitioners. Despite the rivalry on the course, Poland’s SSV class champions Tomasz Bialkowski and Darek Baskiewicz were helped to cross the finish line by Romania’s SSV class champions Călin Cămărășan and Bogdan Luha. The latter dragged their opponents to the finish line and celebrated the successful completion of the race together.

As with the previous events organized by the Club Sportiv 4V Motorsport Association, special emphasis was placed on the safety of competitors and other participants. Thus, with the help of the representatives of the local authorities, the ISU Dobrogea, the Romanian Police and the other structures involved, the health and physical integrity of the participants was always in the first place, so that no one would suffer. Also, the competition could be followed continuously on the competition website and online social media, through photos and live video broadcasts, all produced to the highest standards.

The “4V Rally Raid Romania” project is organized by the Club Sportiv 4V Motorsport Association and is financed by the Constanța City Hall from non-refundable funds. The total value of the project is 222,100 lei.

Cătălin Donose

Photo – Rally Raid

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