January 27, 2023

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The weather today, September 18. Weather forecast for Bucharest and the rest of the country

On Sunday, it gets colder. We will have a very hectic day because of the wind, with rain in the intra-Carpathian area; sleet and snow in the mountains, at high altitudes.

Maximums start from 11 degrees in depressions and stop at 23 degrees in the southeast of the country.

Weather in Romania

In the Dobrogea and in steppe we have sunny weather, but the heat is getting suffocating. Temperatures rise up to 34 degrees in steppeand in the area Dobrogeain the afternoon there may be a shower, two.

We find the suffocating atmosphere even higher, in Southern Moldova and in the north Muntenia. We have scorching sun for most of the day, highs reach 33 degrees, and rain clouds gather in the higher areas.

In the middle northern part of Moldova and in Bucovina a rather beautiful day is announced, with temperatures from 27 to 32 degrees. In the Bucovina and In the mountainsin the second part of the day there are noisy showers.

And in northern Transylvania and in Maramures there will be a few periods of violent rain, with thunder and lightning. It’s getting noticeably cooler here and, after the 36 degrees in the shade recorded on Saturday, in Maramureson Sunday it will not be more than 30 degrees.

In the western lands the atmosphere remains unstable. Other heavy showers occur, accompanied by electrical phenomena, hail and storms. In short periods of time or through accumulation, water quantities can exceed 30-80 liters of water per square meter.

In the area wales temperatures drop compared to the previous day and on Sunday they will be at most 31 degrees, around Targu Mures. In the second part of the day, torrential rains arrive here and will leave behind very large amounts of water, especially in the mountainous area.

In the Olten it cools down noticeably: on Saturday it was 37 degrees Becket, but today the temperatures stop at 29 degrees. It will rain a lot: we are talking about heavy showers, accompanied by severe weather phenomena. After them, up to 80 liters of water per square meter can accumulate.

Temperatures also drop in the southern lands, but in the east Muntenia the weather remains warm: it will be 33 degrees in the shade and we will feel increased thermal discomfort. Showers also occur here and will be more violent in the western half of the province.

Weather in Bucharest

In the Bucharest, it gets noticeably colder on Sunday. The maximum stops at around 23 degrees and we will have a sunny day, but with intense wind and gusts of 55-65 KM/h. At night, the temperature drops below 10 degrees on the outskirts of the city.

On Monday, the wind subsides. We will have fine weather, 24 degrees around noon and some cloudy and rainy conditions later.

On Tuesday, it will be cooler and it will be no more than 22 degrees. It gets cloudy from time to time, but it won’t rain, and the next night it will reach 6-7 degrees.

On Wednesday, temperatures continue to drop and reach more suitable values ​​for the month of October: 18-19 degrees. We don’t really see the sun and it’s possible that it will drizzle briefly.

Mountain weather

It’s getting a little cooler in the mountains and we’re left with unstable weather. It will rain torrentially, on extensive areas, especially in Western and in Southernerswhere another 30-80 liters of water per square meter will accumulate.

Monday is another very cold day, with persistent clouds and rain. The wind has some intensification, especially in the high areas, where sleet and snow will fall.

It will be the same on Tuesday: closed atmosphere, low temperatures, lots of rain, but also snow at high altitudes.

A few more light rains are coming on Wednesday, and at over 1600 meters, there will be sleet or a few snowflakes. The wind is blowing stronger and the weather remains unusually cold for the date on the calendar.

Sea weather

Another sunny and warm day is coming on the coast, with very pronounced heat stress. In the evening, the clouds multiply and it is possible that there will be a shower or two. Temperatures reach 30 degrees on the beach and 25 degrees in the water.

On Monday, there may be 2-3 more rain showers during the day. The heat becomes sweltering after lunch and the breeze will be active.

On Tuesday, we have scorching sun and the atmosphere will be stifling. The clouds appear quite rarely, the wind has some gusts and there are no more signs of rain.

Wednesday, almost the same situation: warm weather, high thermal discomfort, active wind and some good weather clouds. Temperatures reach 31 degrees in the air and 25 degrees in the water.

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