March 25, 2023

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The weather today, October 9. Low temperatures in most of the country

On Sunday, it will cool slightly in the north and northwest of the country, and the coldest will be in Bucovina, where around 15 degrees will be recorded. It will rain lightly in the mountainous areas, through the north and center.

Otherwise, we find nice weather and up to 24-25 degrees in the south.

We see what’s happening in each region and start with Dobrogea And with heath. Around here we find unstable weather, with brief sunny moments and showers with thunder and lightning. The maximums lose about 8 degrees compared to the sun, but the atmosphere remains warm and will reach 25 degrees.

In the Southern Moldova and in the north of Muntenia, temperatures reach normal values ​​for the beginning of October and will not be more than 23 degrees. The sun looks fleeting, but there may also be a few spells of rain.

In the the northern half of Moldova and in Bucovina the clouds gather and there will be periods of showers accompanied by electrical phenomena. After the 28 degrees recorded on Saturday, today the highs stop at 19 degrees.

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In the northern Transylvania and in Maramures we still have an unstable atmosphere. It will rain heavily and significant amounts of water may collect. It’s noticeably colder than the previous day, and on Sunday the maximums fall between 15 degrees in Bistrita and 18 degrees in Satu Mare.

In the the west of the country there are areas where we don’t really see the sun. Here too, there are showers with electrical discharges, and in the south of Banat the wind blows at up to 75 km/h. Temperatures reach values ​​close to normal and will reach 20 degrees.

It will also rain in the area of ​​Transylvania. There are no shortage of sunny periods, and the wind blows very strongly in the mountain area, especially at high altitudes. There will be gusts of over 100 km/h. It will be about 10 degrees less than yesterday, and on Sunday it will be at most 18 degrees.

In the Olten a rather beautiful day ahead, with clear skies in the plain areas. However, the wind starts, stirring the atmosphere at speeds of 55-75 km/h. The temperatures, close to the normal for the period, stop at 22 degrees.

In the southern lands, the sun shines most of the day, but in southwest of Muntenia the wind has intensifications of up to 75 km/h.

In the Danube meadow it will still be warm for this time of the year, but otherwise the maximums reach normal values. Weather in Bucharest.

Weather in Bucharest

In Bucharest, the temperature drops, but the weather remains warm and will reach 27 degrees. We have more clear skies, but the wind will blow up to 50 km/h. At night it will be much cooler than last night and it will be only 8 degrees.

Months it gets cooler and the temperature stops at 23 degrees, a normal value for this period. We have sun for most of the day and the wind is dying down.

Tuesday, the weather turns cool for the date on the calendar and it won’t be more than 20 degrees. There will be some clouds, but there are no signs of rain.

Wednesday a beautiful day is announced. Clouds rarely appear, the wind blows pleasantly, and the temperature rises to 21 degrees.

In the mountains, it gets significantly colder and it will rain in large areas. Significant amounts of water will be recorded, and the wind reaches speeds of 75 km/h in the southern and southeastern massifs. In the high area, gusts will exceed 100 km/h.

Months we catch brief sunny moments and the weather turns cold. It continues to rain over large areas, and snow and sleet are forecast on the ridges.

Tuesday, the temperatures continue to drop and the fog settles. The sun is showing a little and there are some light rains, in small areas. Temporarily, at altitudes above 1,700 meters it will snow or sleet.

Wednesday the weather is getting better. We have sunny weather and it warms up easily. The wind will be active, and a little fog still appears in the valleys and depressions.

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