May 28, 2023

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The weather today, October 14. Weather forecast for Bucharest and the rest of the country.

Today brings us good weather, clouds in some areas and a few light rains in the mountains. Temperatures reach values ​​suitable for mid-October. It starts from 14 degrees in depressions and reaches 22 degrees in the Danube Meadow.

Dobrogea and with Bărăganul. The atmosphere is sunny here, but in Constanța it will be a bit cloudy. There are no signs of rain, but the wind is still intensifying on the coast. The temperatures, a little lower than yesterday, stop at 18 degrees.

Above, in Southern Moldova and in the north of Muntenia, we find beautiful weather, sun, a few clouds and 17-18 degrees after lunch. At night it gradually brightens and the temperature drops to 4-5 degrees.

In the the northern half of Moldova and in Bucovina, yesterday we had a gloomy day, with light, passing rains. Today we don’t really see the clouds, and at noon it warms up slightly and will be around 16 degrees. However, it gets cold during the night and the minimums reach 3 degrees.

In the north Transylvania and in Maramureş, now in the morning we have fog in some areas. Clouds will gather during the day and a few drops of rain may appear. The temperatures, comparable to those of yesterday, reach 18 – 19 degrees.

And in the western lands there are still some clouds, but the chances of rain are very low. There are no shortage of sunny periods and it reaches about 20 degrees after lunch. The sky clears in the evening and at night.

In the Transylvania, it is foggy in the early hours of the day, but the atmosphere becomes quite pleasant after lunch. It will rain lightly in the mountain areas, and the wind will be more intense in the west of the Southern Carpathians. At night, in depressions, zero degrees will be reached and frost may appear.

In the Olten, the sky will be partly cloudy in the higher areas, where 2, 3 drops of rain are possible. Otherwise, we have a rather pleasant day, with 17 – 18 degrees in thermometers.

In the south of the country, clouds appear quite rarely, and in the Danube Meadow the sky stays clear almost all day. Temperatures rise up to 20 – 21 degrees. At night, however, it gets colder and brings minimums of 3-4 degrees in some areas.


In Bucharest we have beautiful weather, gentle wind and passing clouds after lunch. The maximum reaches 19 degrees – a normal value for the date on the calendar. It gets colder at night: it will be 6 degrees in the center and about 3 degrees on the outskirts of the city.

On Sunday, the atmosphere remained sunny all day, the wind blew pleasantly and the temperature rose again to 19 degrees.

On Monday we have beautiful weather and more clear skies. The morning is quite cold, but around noon it gets warmer than normal. Maximum reaches around 21 degrees.

It will warm up a bit on Tuesday. We don’t really see the clouds; the atmosphere becomes very pleasant after lunch, when it reaches 23 degrees. Temperatures also increase during the night and will be 7…8 degrees.


It gets cloudy in the mountains from time to time. A few light rains are also coming, and the wind is intensifying in the west of the Southern Carpathians. In the morning there are foggy conditions in the valleys and in the depressions, and the afternoon brings the changeable atmosphere and temperatures comparable to yesterday’s.

On Sunday, the clouds will dissipate and we will have beautiful weather and temperatures a little higher than today. The wind remains active in the west of the Southern Carpathians, and in the morning it is possible to be foggy in the valleys and in the depressions.

On Monday, another sunny day is predicted and it will warm up a bit more. The wind is NOT a problem anymore, but in the morning foggy conditions appear again on the valleys and in the depressions.

On Tuesday, temperatures continue to rise and it will be warmer than normal. We still have beautiful weather and more clear skies. The following night, a few rain clouds appear in the northern massifs.

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