June 4, 2023

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The weather today, August 24. Where hail might fall in Romania

Wednesday brings us warm weather in the east of the country, heat wave in the southeast and fairly consistent showers in the western lands, in the mountains and in the center. The maximum starts from 26 degrees in Oltenia and reaches 36 degrees in Bărăgan.

The weather in the country

In Dobrogea and Bărăgan it is getting very hot, thermal discomfort is increasing, and in Bărăgan we will have heat and 35-36 degrees, in the shade. The wind becomes more insistent and reaches speeds of 50 kilometers per hour in the coastal area.

In southern Moldova and in northern Muntenia it is warmer than Tuesday. The temperatures reach the threshold of heat wave; the atmosphere becomes stifling after lunch, and the wind intensifies here as well.

In the northern half of Moldova and in Bucovina we find beautiful weather and temperatures above 30 degrees in the plains. There are no signs of rain and the atmosphere becomes pleasant during the night, when 16-17 degrees are reached.

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In the north of Transylvania and in Maramureş, temperatures are rising compared to the previous day and reach around 30-31 degrees. In the afternoon, the clouds gather and it will rain. There will also be thunder, lightning and hail may fall.

It is also getting warmer in the west of the country. Temperatures rise up to 30 degrees, and in the second part of the day instability increases and heavy showers appear, with electrical discharges and strong gusts of wind.

And in Transylvania, a few more noisy rains are coming, especially in the mountain areas. It gets quite hot around noon and the maximums reach around 29-30 degrees. At night it will be a bit cool in the depressions, where 11-12 degrees will be recorded.

It will also rain in the Oltenia area, but not as much as yesterday. Around here we find pleasant temperatures, more modest than in the other regions, from 26 to at most 28 degrees.

In the southern lands no rains are announced. We will have beautiful weather, but quite warm, with a lot of rain and 32-33, around noon.

Weather in Bucharest

In Bucharest, on Wednesday we have a sunny day and a warm afternoon, with 33 degrees in the shade and high thermal discomfort.

It’s getting very hot again on Thursday. The temperature rises to 34 degrees, the clouds rarely appear and the drizzle will be hard to bear after lunch.

And on Friday we have sun and suffocating heat in the middle of the day. The maximum reaches 34 degrees again, but we will feel higher values ​​than that.

Great heat is expected on Saturday as well, heat wave around noon and air that is hard to breathe.

The maximum reaches 35 degrees, and the following night it will be 18-19 degrees.

Mountain weather

In the mountains, on Wednesday we find good weather in the first part of the day, but later the rains return. They come with thunder, lightning, maybe hail, and in the southwestern massifs they will leave behind more than 35 liters of water per square meter.

And on Thursday afternoon, there will be a few periods of rain. Overall, we have a pleasant day and a stronger wind on the ridges, especially in the Southern and Curbura Carpathians.

It will warm up a little more on Friday. It will be sunny for most of the day and only in the southwestern massifs, in the evening, it is possible to rain.

On Saturday we get warm and beautiful weather, and the rains appear completely isolated. The wind does not exaggerate, but in the morning and at night there may be fog in the valleys and in the depressions.

Sea weather

On the coast, on Wednesday we have a warm day, with up to 30 degrees in resorts and high thermal discomfort. The wind picks up strength and reaches speeds of 50 km/h, and the sea water is 26 degrees.

It will be the same on Thursday: sun, intense wind and a lot of rain at noon. Temperatures reach 30 degrees again.

It will warm up a little more on Friday. It reaches 31 degrees and the atmosphere becomes suffocating. The wind still has some starts, but it no longer reaches high speeds.

And Saturday will be very hot. It will even be 32 degrees on the beach, and the thermal discomfort will be hard to bear.

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