October 2, 2022

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The weather today, August 22. Torrential rains in several areas of Romania

On Monday, it will rain heavily in many areas of the country. The sky remains overcast in the southwest, where the weather becomes cool and will be only 22 degrees. Instead, in the southeast, 33 degrees will be recorded and we will feel the high thermal discomfort.

The weather in the country

In Dobrogea and Bărăgan there will be sunny periods and the atmosphere becomes suffocating. Temperatures rise to 32-33 degrees in Bărăgan, and in the afternoon there may be one or two showers.

We also find warm weather in southern Moldova and northern Muntenia, where the maximums reach 31 degrees. The clouds are multiplying and, during the day, it is not excluded that a quick rain will come.

In the northern half of Moldova and in Bucovina we have sun with clouds and bearable temperatures, from 26 to 30 degrees. The rains occur especially in the higher areas and will leave behind large amounts of water.

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In the north of Transylvania and in Maramureş there will be periods of heavy showers, accompanied by electrical phenomena. More than 20 liters of water per square meter will collect, and the maximums reach 29 degrees.

In the western lands, it will rain torrentially, with thunder and lightning, and the amount of water may exceed 35 liters per square meter. In Banat we find cool weather, with temperatures from 22 degrees in Resita to 26 degrees in Oradea.

Instability also persists in Transylvania, where the showers will bring over 50-60 liters of water per square meter in the Meridionali area. There will be conditions of hail and storms, and the maximums will stop at 28 degrees.

In Oltenia on Monday we won’t see the sun at all and it will be quite cool: no more than 27 degrees. Heavy showers are announced, accompanied by severe weather phenomena, and especially in the higher areas, very large amounts of water will accumulate.

Temperatures also drop in the southern lands and on Monday they will not be more than 29 degrees. And here it will rain torrentially, with thunder and lightning: over 50 liters of water per square meter will accumulate on the hills and mountains.

Weather in Bucharest

In Bucharest, on Monday we will see a little sun among the clouds, but there will also be a few periods of rain. The wind will be active, and the temperature drops compared to yesterday and stops at 31 degrees.

On Tuesday there will be some clouds and periods of showers, especially in the first part of the day and again during the night. The maximum reaches 32 degrees.

On Wednesday we get rid of the rain, but the atmosphere becomes suffocating: it will be 34 degrees in the shade, active wind and thermal discomfort increases.

On Thursday we have scorching sun and a slightly stronger wind during the day. In the evening and at the beginning of the night there will be some clouds, but there are no signs of rain.

Mountain weather

In the mountains we get unstable weather, with showers accompanied by electrical phenomena, whirlwinds and hail. In short periods of time or through accumulation, especially in the Meridionali area, more than 50-60 liters of water per square meter will collect.

The instability persists on Tuesday: it will rain over large areas in most of the massifs, there will also be hail conditions, and significant amounts of water can still accumulate in small areas.

Wednesday will warm up a bit more, but we will not get rid of the showers. They appear especially in the second part of the day, and the wind intensifies during the rains.

On Thursday, there will be a few periods of light rain only in small areas. Otherwise we have sun and a rather nervous wind. The temperatures in the resorts continue to rise.

Sea weather

Beautiful weather prevails on the coast, but in the afternoon there may be two or three drops of rain. The breeze will be active, and temperatures reach 29 degrees on the beach and the atmosphere becomes suffocating. The sea water will be 26 degrees.

On Tuesday we have another sunny and warm day, with high thermal stress. The clouds appear quite rarely, the wind has some gusts and there are no more signs of rain. Maximums reach 30 degrees.

Wednesday brings us merciless sun, very pronounced thermal discomfort, active wind and some good weather clouds. Temperatures rise to 31 degrees.

Thursday, almost the same situation: the sun burns all day and the air becomes difficult to breathe. The wind has some intensification and the maximums reach 30 degrees in the air and 26 degrees in the water.

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