October 2, 2022

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The weather today, August 21. Where there will be sweltering temperatures and violent rains

On Sunday, temperatures drop in the western half, but the rest of the weather remains warm. Torrential and noisy rains also occur in the western half, which will leave behind very large amounts of water.

Maximums start from 25 degrees in the west of the country and reach 34 degrees in the southeast.

The weather in the country

In Dobrogea and Bărăgan, where we have a sunny atmosphere, the heat becomes suffocating. Temperatures rise to 34 degrees in Bărăgan, and in the Dobrogea area, one or two showers may come in the afternoon.

We find a suffocating atmosphere in southern Moldova and in northern Muntenia. We have scorching sun for most of the day, highs reach 33 degrees, and rain clouds gather in the higher areas.

In the northern half of Moldova and in Bucovina, a rather beautiful day is predicted, with temperatures from 27 to 32 degrees. In Bucovina and in the mountains, in the second part of the day, there are loud showers.

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And in the north of Transylvania and in Maramureş, there will be several periods of violent rain, with thunder and lightning. It’s getting noticeably cooler here and, after the 36 degrees in the shade recorded yesterday in Maramureş, it won’t be more than 30 degrees on Sunday.

In the western lands the atmosphere remains unstable. Other heavy showers occur, accompanied by electrical phenomena, hail and storms. In short periods of time or through accumulation, water quantities can exceed 30-80 liters of water per square meter.

In the area of ​​Transylvania, temperatures are dropping compared to the previous day and on Sunday they will be at most 31 degrees, around Târgu Mureş. In the second part of the day, torrential rains arrive here and will leave behind very large amounts of water, especially in the mountainous area.

In Oltenia, it is noticeably cooling: on Saturday it was 37 degrees in Bechet, but on Sunday the temperatures will stop at 29 degrees. It will rain a lot: we are talking about heavy showers, accompanied by severe weather phenomena. Up to 80 liters of water per square meter can accumulate behind them.

Temperatures also drop in the southern regions, but in the east of Muntenia the weather remains warm: it will be 33 degrees in the shade and we will feel the thermal discomfort intensified. Showers also occur here and will be more violent in the western half of the province.

Weather in Bucharest

In Bucharest, Sunday always brings us warm weather: the maximum reaches 33 degrees and the atmosphere becomes suffocating after lunch. In the evening and at night it becomes cloudy and the chances of rain increase.

On Monday, the temperature will drop a little: it will be 31 degrees, but the weather will remain warm and we will feel increased thermal stress. During the day there will be some clouds and there are high chances of rain.

On Tuesday it warms up again: the maximum reaches 33 degrees and the thermal discomfort increases. From time to time the clouds gather and there might be a downpour or two.

And on Wednesday we still have suffocating heat: 34 degrees in the shade, active wind, and in the second part of the day it becomes cloudy and the chances of rain increase.

Mountain weather

In the mountains, on Sunday it gets a little cooler and we are left with unstable weather. It will rain torrentially, on extensive areas, especially in the Western and Southern regions, where another 30-80 liters of water per square meter will accumulate.

On Monday, the atmosphere remains unstable. Especially in the western and south-western massifs, other heavy showers are coming, accompanied by electrical discharges, whirlwinds and hail, which will leave behind large amounts of water.

The instability persists on Tuesday: it will rain in most massifs, and especially in the west of the Meridionali and in the Apuseni Mountains, significant amounts of water will accumulate. Temperatures in the resorts rise slightly.

Wednesday will warm up a bit more, but we will not get rid of the showers. They appear in the afternoon, over large areas, especially in the western and northern massifs, and the wind intensifies during the rains.

Sea weather

At sea, another sunny and warm Sunday is coming, with very pronounced heat stress. In the evening, the clouds multiply and it is possible that there will be a shower or two. Temperatures reach 30 degrees on the beach and 25 degrees in the water.

On Monday, two or three drops of rain may come during the day. The heat becomes sweltering after lunch and the breeze will be active.

On Tuesday we have scorching sun and the atmosphere will be suffocating. The clouds appear quite rarely, the wind has some gusts and there are no more signs of rain.

Wednesday, almost the same situation: warm weather, high thermal discomfort, active wind and some good weather clouds. Temperatures reach 31 degrees in the air and 25 degrees in the water.

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