December 9, 2022

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The theater. About culture, education and development – News from Mures, Targu Mures News

In our generations, aka Generation Z, culture is not as important as it used to be. Teenagers no longer find fun or meaning in many of the city’s cultural activities, and because of this important places in a child’s development are not as popular as they should be. From a cultural point of view, theater has an influence on the vision, development and way of thinking and expression of an adolescent, child or adult.

Theater and cat videos…

Children go through various changes and the most important aspect of their development is self-knowledge. Theater is the means by which culture easily reaches the souls of young and old. While at school the history of our country is taught in a monotonous and heavy way, on stage every piece of information comes to life and color.

Teenagers don’t often go to the theater, because the theater means analysis, imagination, thinking… and why think when you can easily open your phone to cat videos. Acting, compared to other arts, helps in personal development just by simply interpreting an author’s writing.

“Theatre is an art of the present”

Andrei Zalum is a student in the 11th grade at the acting section of the Art High School in Târgu-Mureș. The young man has been fond of theater since he was small and watched the performances with his mother. Although “adolescent theater” may be, at first glance, a controversial topic, Zalum enthusiastically talks about his love for art.

It all started at the age of 7, when he went to the theater with his mother, to a monodrama. The only memory from that time was the strong desire to become an actor. Now he is one step away from seeing his dream with his own eyes. The first rule that was clear in his mind: not to confuse theater with film, because there is a huge difference.

Theater develops you completely differently, because your own energy and the energy of the audience merge into a huge vortex, which ultimately creates the real. The impression of the audience is that the theater is performed for them, when in fact an actor is also performing for himself.

“The theater is a cultural phenomenon because it defines not only the audience, but also us, as people. The director writes a whole story, and the actor becomes a unique character. I realized that the art I create by performing is primarily for me, and what I do well, I pass on. On stage I try to create mirrors, even if sometimes they don’t reflect the most beautiful side of the audience’s character, the important thing is that they find themselves and start asking themselves questions: Am I as selfish/ good/ beautiful/ smart/ ignorant like the character in front of me?!… Of course we all want to achieve perfection, but we know that only the Divine is perfect. And we, through the art we make, try to find the Divine”, declared Andrei Zalum.

Cultural theater and the human soul

While the director weaves an entire story inspired by the works of Romanian authors and more, the actors always become other people. A kind of self-renunciation, we might say.

When faced with a play, people generally have three reactions. They laugh at the comedy, take offense at the plays that put them in a position to see themselves or become speechless at the performances that mark them. The plays that leave you speechless and the ones that offend you are the most important.


Because they force you to observe yourself from the outside and ask yourself if you would love such a person.

If you wonder what the theatrical culture has to do with a person’s feelings, the answer is simple and it is given by artists and spectators: Evolution!

Unfortunately, people today no longer emphasize culture or development. For many of us, it is enough to receive minimal information in any field. Theater subtly delivers information and compels the audience to ponder it. Thus, each piece can become a mirror that helps on the way to change.

Yasmine FORRER

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