January 27, 2023

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The students intoxicated with prohibited substances from the Central School triggered reactions in the Government. The drugs, sold in the school

A shocking case registered at the Central School in Bucharest draws attention again to drug use in educational institutions.

Three students arrived at the hospital after smoking a cigarette containing prohibited substances in the school yard. The consumption of drugs and ethnobotanical substances among teenagers has increased, our country being above the European Union average.

Even worse is that, say sources in the investigation of this case, the drugs were sold in the school by an older student. The Ministry of Education stated, for PROTV News, that he signed a joint order with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Interior. And school principals, teachers and psychologists will learn from specialists how to recognize the symptoms of a drugged student.

Several students from the Central School in Bucharest told us, under the protection of anonymity, that many colleagues were scared when the three 8th grade girls needed medical help after smoking a cigarette.
Unfortunately, the consumption of prohibited substances, they say, is a well-known topic in school, especially among high school students.

Elevate: “A colleague told me that he wrote him one if he wants, like nush what profit, what he told me”.

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Reporter: When was this happening?

Elevate: “Yesterday, he came to me and said, look.”

The three teenage girls, students in the 8th grade, smoked cigarettes that contained prohibited substances right in the schoolyard, which did NOT have surveillance cameras, but only a guard. The girls were hurt, and the school management called the ambulance. The teenage girls were kept under the supervision of doctors at the Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital, but were discharged in good condition. Worryingly, according to some sources, the drug supplier is even an older colleague from the Central School, a 10th grade student.

The investigations were taken over by the Brigade for Combating Organized Crime, but, in parallel, an internal investigation was also opened in the school.

The staff in the schools will be trained by anti-drug specialists

The Minister of Education called all the inspectors in the country to Bucharest, on Monday, for a meeting with the representatives of the National Anti-Drug Agency.

Sorin Câmpeanu, Minister of Education: “We decided that we will make a joint education-health-internal order in a week, so that we can implement a real training program for the directors of educational units regarding the seriousness of this phenomenon, to recognize these things and to act. A fast program, implemented within a month.”

In addition to principals, including teachers and school psychologists, where they exist, they will be trained by anti-drug specialists.

The consumption of drugs, and especially ethnobotanical substances, which are cheaper, is increasing, experts who work with young addicts say with concern.

Eugen Aliat: “The number of teenagers has increased and is constantly increasing at the clinic where I work, only the therapy sessions, their number is increasing, unfortunately we lack a detoxification center, there is no detoxification center for teenagers in Romania, nor post-cure, where to be able to stay for a long time, to receive therapy there. It’s a crisis signal addressed to the parliamentarians, that what we’ve done so far is working.”

There are several initiatives to combat consumption. The anti-drug federation and the parents’ federation proposed the introduction of tests to check the surfaces that students touch at school, once every three months. No decision has been made in this regard yet.

And two parliamentarians have submitted a legislative initiative through which parents would give their consent for police officers to test their children when they do unannounced checks in schools.

Sorin Ion, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education: “I know there are states where these tests can be done, but that means they have a legal basis. My opinion is that this will not happen soon, we had big problems with the anti-covid testing, or the anti-drug testing will cause many and acute controversies”

The school in Bucharest where the incident took place will receive surveillance cameras from the ministry. But, at the national level, less than half of the schools have surveillance systems, for which the town halls are responsible.

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