March 25, 2023

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The sentence received by the criminal from Onești and his wife. Two workers were seized and killed

Moroșan Gheorghe, the author of the crimes in Onești in March 2021, and his wife, Moroșan Aurelea, received their sentences on Friday.

Thus, Moroșan Gheorghe was sentenced to 30 years in prison, and Moroșan Aurelea received 12 years in prison. The ruling in this case also established moral damages of 2,000,000 euros.

The case of the Onești murders

In the four-story building in Onești, the nightmare began at 11:47 a.m. Through a call to 112, which was suddenly interrupted, Gheorghe Moroșan announced that he was armed with a knife and threatened that he would not hesitate to use it. About the hostages – initially – he did not mention anything.

Two policemen were sent to check the situation and, five minutes later, they arrived in front of the building. Then it was found out that Moroșan seized the workers.

The situation was becoming serious and the intervention forces were requested to be supplemented with seven more policemen. A negotiator from the special services was sent to convince the aggressor to release the captives. The deputy police chief from Onești knew Moroșan and initiated the first discussions.

To show that he had serious intentions, Moroșan brought the men he was holding captive onto the balcony.

The workers caught by Moroșan had been sent there by the company that owned the apartment. The company had won the house in court – on account of damage caused by the individual’s wife. Moroșan never came to terms with the idea that he lost the house.

Morașan went to his former home with his wife who stayed in an apartment next to the one where the captives were kept.

She did not cooperate with the police, and even told them on the phone that she supported her husband. Arriving at an impasse, at 1:53 p.m., the police increased their forces and changed the negotiator. An officer from the Bacău Police was brought in. He also failed to calm down the aggressor.

Cristian Gheorghe, IGPR deputy director of criminal investigations: “He requested the return of the property deed or 300,000 euros, if he hears movement on the stairs he will proceed to the execution of the two hostages. The mobile phone was taken by a hostage and he said that bound and that he will be killed if there is any movement at the door or on the stairs.”

This call lasted 5 minutes and 40 seconds. Another one followed two hours later. Moroșan said that he no longer wanted to talk to the police and asked to be put in touch with important people in the state. The 112 operator tried for 12 minutes to calm him down – just like the negotiator had done.

At 16.55, all hell broke loose in the apartment.

After opening the door, the police fired rubber bullets and live ammunition. Gheorghe Moroșan was injured in his hands and feet. The men he kept in the apartment had injuries all over their bodies. One died there. The other at the hospital. They were both lying on the balcony when the agents entered.

Then the negotiator would not have done well either.

Tudorel Butoi: “The negotiator had to come hand in hand with one or two representatives of the company that took the man’s apartment, because it is not the police’s business, to come with the bag of money that the man claimed and to mediate the discussions between this perpetrator unhappy with crimes and those from these companies.”

Who is the criminal from Onești

The anger of the suspect from Oneşti comes from a situation that happened 11 years ago. Then, the man lost his apartment following a court sentence.

Because he was away at the time of the forced execution, he asked for years to see the court decision, a document he also claimed during the hostage-taking. The police brought him to him in the end, but he had already moved on.

In 2010, while the suspect Gheorghe Moroşan was away working in Italy, his family was allegedly forcibly evicted from the apartment. Moroşan told his own version in a live broadcast on Facebook in 2018.

“One of the gendarmes put a gun to my daughter’s head, that if she doesn’t leave the apartment he will shoot her, put handcuffs on her hands and kicked her out of the apartment. I came to the country, I tried to recover my things from the apartment, but nothing could be done. I made several criminal complaints, countless, against this executor. I was only asking: where is the court order that gave them the right to enter my apartment and to be forcibly executed? The goods disappeared. It’s empty. They also took my thermal windows,” said the man.

At the end of the intervention in 2018, the same Moroşan threatened to do justice to himself, with a gun.

The 68-year-old suspect was a locomotive engineer by profession, and later a train driver, but in the meantime he retired. He was currently living with his wife and mother-in-law in the countryside. An acquaintance recounts another episode in which Moroşan was aggressive.

Moroşan was convicted 4 times throughout his life, both in the country and in Italy: for theft, bodily harm and driving under the influence of alcohol.

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