December 9, 2022

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The screening caravan returns to Harghita county – News from Mures, News Targu Mures

We invite women to participate in the free Babeş Papanicolaou and HPV testing.

The mobile caravan for cervical cancer screening will be present between September 8-12, 2022 in Harghita county, in the localities of Corund, Praid and Frumoasa. Women in the target group 24-64 years old are invited to participate in cervical cancer screening, through free Babeş-Papanicolaou and HPV testing, a program dedicated to promoting the prevention and early detection of cervical cancer.

The schedule of the caravan between September 8-12, 2022 is as follows:

– Corund – 08.09.2022 – starting at 10:00 a.m. (family doctor’s office);

– Praid – 09.09.2022 – starting at 10.00 a.m. (Str. Regelui, no. 30 – family doctor’s office);

– Frumoasa – 12.09.2022 – starting at 14.00 (family doctor’s office);

Women who come to the caravan for testing are asked to have their identity card with them.

Registrations for testing can be made at family doctors.

What is cervical cancer screening?

It is a method of preventing cancer by detecting and treating abnormalities in the early stages that, untreated, can evolve into cervical cancer. The risk of invasive cervical cancer is reduced by up to 90% in women who regularly participate in organized screening programs. In other words, 9 out of 10 cases of cervical cancer can be prevented by screening.

What is the Babes Pap test?

The Babeş Papanicolaou test or cervico-vaginal cytological examination is the essential test in cervical or cervical cancer screening and consists of the analysis of a sample of cells (smear) collected from the surface of the cervix (cervix), and its main purpose is to detect the presence of abnormal cells on the cervix, before they turn into cancer cells.

These changes can disappear on their own without treatment, but some of them can evolve and cause cervical cancer. That is why their timely detection is very important.

What is HPV?

HPV (Human Papillomavirus) is a viral infection that is transmitted between people, being the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV infection is very common in most sexually active people and has no symptoms.

The presence of the HPV virus does not mean that the woman will develop cancer. If a high-risk strain of HPV is found, the doctor will recommend treatments to reduce the risk of cancer. Only if these lesions are not treated in time and correctly, they can lead to cancer.

“Cervical cell changes progress slowly and it takes many years to turn into cancerous cells. Treatment can remove or destroy these cells before they become cancerous. Regular screening can detect these cellular changes early. Early detection of precancerous cell changes or cervical cancer usually leads to complete cure. Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of age, we invite you to be tested, the screening can save your life!” said Head of Works Dr. Cosmina Cristina UZUN, project manager.

The activities are carried out within the project “Program for prevention, early detection and early treatment of cervical cancer, Center region” (SMIS code 138603) carried out by the Târgu Mureș County Emergency Clinical Hospital as a beneficiary, in partnership with the University of Medicine , Pharmacy, Sciences and Technology “George Emil Palade” from Târgu Mureș.

The project “Cervical cancer prevention, early detection and early treatment program, Center region” aims to increase access to affordable, sustainable and high-quality services, including medical assistance and social services of general interest, by organizing programs of health and services oriented towards prevention, early detection (screening), diagnosis and early treatment of cervical cancer for 170,200 women in the Center region, of which at least 50% belong to vulnerable groups.

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