October 2, 2022

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The “Romanian Language Days in Italy” contest has designated its winners

The “Romanian Language Days in Italy” contest has designated its winners. PHOTO: Facebook @Villaggio Romeno

The first edition of the event “Romanian Language Days in Italy”, an initiative of the Italo-Romanian Association “Villaggio Romeno”, carried out in partnership with the Mures County School Inspectorate and the “Cenacle of Rome”, designated its winners in the contest where more than 30 Romanians living in Italy took part.

“30 competitors from all over Italy, over 800 volumes in Romanian intended for the Peninsula community, 6 days of celebration – here are just a few details of the ‘Romanian Language Days’ event, the first edition, which ended on Sunday, August 28, 2022, at Villa Fornarola at the gates of Rome, with an exceptional folk concert, performed by Romanian and Italian artists. The event, organized at the initiative of the Association Villaggio Romeno (Romanian Village) from Pavona, enjoyed the presence of representatives of diplomatic, ecclesiastical, cultural and educational institutions from both countries. Romanian and Italian artists and poets, together with a warm audience, gathered ‘under the dome of the Romanian language, in the eternal Citadel’ (…) The Days of the Romanian Language were marked by an online competition with prizes, entitled ‘What does it mean Romanian language for me?’. In the Texts/Adults category, the poet Lăcrămioara Maricica Niţă, from Rome, was named the winner. In the Junior category, two winners were named: in the ‘Drawing’ Section, Kevin, a 5-year-old Romanian boy, and Alexandru Stănilă, in the ‘Texts’ Section”, the organizers announced on Tuesday, in a press release.

The message that was awarded in the “Adults” category, in response to the question “What does the Romanian language mean to me?” was: “For those who live far from the country, the Day of the Romanian Language is celebrated every day; when you say your morning prayer, when you caress your child, when you tell him about his grandparents and his birthplace or even when you put them on the table a plate of traditional food, made according to mother’s or grandmother’s recipe. We celebrate Romanian Language Day every time we open a book written in the sweet Romanian language. You can only love the Romanian language, regardless of where you are. Far from the country you’re making your home from the Romanian language!”

An action to promote literature and reading in the Romanian language was started

Also, the organizers showed, within the event, an action to promote literature and reading in the Romanian language was started, through a book donation campaign intended for students and families of Romanians from the Rome – Lazio area.

“The campaign, which will take place over the next few months, was organized in partnership with the Mureş County School Inspectorate and is entitled ‘Romanian language…from a book’. Eight educational institutions from Mureş County, under the coordination of the Mureş County School Inspectorate , have donated an impressive collection of books to the community of Romanians in Lazio. It’s more than 800 volumes in Romanian (textbooks, dictionaries, Romanian and international classic literature books for adults and children)”, stated the initiators.

The climax of the Romanian Language Days was the Sunday evening folk concert, accompanied by literary moments and the award ceremony of the competition.

“The band Emisfera, made up of artists from Italy, performed hits with which a whole generation of Romanians grew up, such as ‘Pray for parents’ or ‘Andrii Popa’. The special guests were Evandro and Luca Rossetti, Italians in love with Romania, who moved the audience with songs from their own repertoire and from the repertoire of Cenacl Flacăra. Evandro Rossetti, born in Rome, dentist by profession, has a very strong connection with Romania: his mother, Maria, was originally from Bucharest. Evandro Rossetti lived in Romania in the 70s and was one of the first members of the ‘Flacăra’ Cenacl. He is the co-author of the famous song ‘Cosma Răcoare’, which revolutionized Romanian folk music. In 2010 he released the album ‘Cosma Răcoare … and Alte Povestiri’. He collaborates artistically with his son, Luca (vocals/guitar), who inherited his talent and love for Romania”, the statement also emphasizes.

Three diplomas were awarded for the promotion of the Romanian language in Italy

During the event, the literary moments presented by the writer Valeriu Barbu were prepared by the Cenacle from Rome.

“They recited poems about the Romanian language and their own creations: the writers Luminiţa Maricica Niţă and Camelia Morda Baciu and two representatives of the new generation, Irina Mitrof and Theodora Şurubariu. The presenter of the show was Lucia Ileana Pop, a Romanian language teacher in Italy. A unique moment was the explanatory excursion related to the presence of the Dacians in the territory of Albano, presented by Roberto Alessandrini, from the historical evocation group Legio II Parthica Severiana Albana”, the press release states.

The show enjoyed the presence of Mariana Olteanu, consul at the Consulate General of Romania in Rome, who also sent the greetings of the Romanian ambassador to Italy, Gabriela Dancău, of the parish priest Daniel Şurubariu representing the Orthodox Diocese of Romania in Italy, of the general school inspector of the County Mureş, Prof. Dr. Sabin Gavril Păşcan and the director of the “Friedrich Schiller” High School in Târgu Mureş, Prof. Dana Maria Bendriş.

“I want to thank all those who participated in the event and especially the representatives of the Romanian associations present, friends and supporters from Italy and Romania”, said Luciana Luduşan, organizer of the event, who received a diploma of merit from the Inspectorate Mureş County School

During the award ceremony, three more diplomas were awarded for the promotion of the Romanian language in Italy and from the Europaeus Association, Elena Postelnicu (Radio Romania Actualității), Lăcrămioara Niță (for the project “I challenge you to a book”) and Luciana Luduşan (Association Villaggio Romano).

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