March 25, 2023

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The Romanian authorities want to limit the export of wood, in order to support the furniture industry in the country

The export of wood, in all forms, could be limited in the coming period, the authorities claim. The decision could be taken to support the furniture industry in Romania.

Against the backdrop of the European energy crisis, the price of wood has increased enormously recently, and most of Romania’s trees are exported. Large volumes of wood, very little processed, reach countries outside the Union and return to us, in the form of parquet or furniture. During this time, Romanian furniture is more and more expensive, because the raw material is less.

Several images were captured at a factory in Iasi county. Only partially peeled, the logs were prepared to be sent to countries in the Far East: India, Vietnam, China or Pakistan. In technical terms, it is called ecarized wood, which allows manufacturers to sell it in any country in the world. According to the law, the export of raw wood to non-EU countries is prohibited.

Paul Dima, expert: “Wood exporters have found this solution so that it is not a round wood, it has been mechanically processed, minimally it is true. It is of very good quality and it is a shame to send it to other countries and we import the furniture from there”.

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Ecarized wood, experts say, is the only unprocessed wood that leaves Romania. Otherwise, we export large volumes of timber or wooden panels. Due to very high energy costs, it is more profitable for some producers to export the log in various forms, instead of processing it domestically. Foreigners offer prices 20 percent higher than Romanian furniture factories.

Viorel Crețu, furniture manufacturer: “They have lower expenses exporting the decarved log, outside the community space than to process it, and then we have to offer much higher prices for raw material.”

Aurica Sereney, Furniture Association: “It is very important for the furniture industry that this wood is not exported and ends up being processed and utilized 17-20 times better through furniture products.”

INS data, regarding the export of wood

A cubic meter in this category sells for 500 euros, but a cubic meter of furniture can cost between 3 and 4,000 euros.

According to data from the INS, the largest quantities of raw wood, debarked or debarked were sent for export in 2019 and 2020, over 104 million kilograms and 111 million kilograms, respectively. Things stagnated in 2021, when exports of this type of wood dropped significantly, slightly over 28 million kilograms, INS data show.

This year, the amount has increased again. In the first 6 months, Romania exported more than 35 million kilograms with a total value of 11 million euros. The largest quantities reach China and Turkey, but impressive volumes also reach neighboring Bulgaria. From here, the raw wood, say the furniture manufacturers, goes to different countries in the East.

On the other hand, the sector is also facing a raw material crisis.

Andra Melcoiu, factory administrator: “Due to the high prices of electricity and natural gas, this has led the population to other alternative resources, the first option being firewood and pellets, this has unbalanced the balance a bit.”

The relevant associations asked the environmental authorities to ban the export of raw wood, in all forms: shaped, firewood or decarved in extra-community space. In parallel, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of the Economy are preparing an aid scheme.

Tanczos Barna, Minister of the Environment: “Export ban measures are also effective to a certain level, they can be applied for applied periods, but not indefinitely, for several months, all types of export can be banned, not just the type of round wood.”

The furniture industry contributes enormously to the state budget. Last year, exports exceeded one billion euros, three times more than we imported.

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