March 25, 2023

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The RO Alert message sent after the disappearance of a child caused critical reactions. Some, upset that they received more than once

The RO-Alert type messages, sent by the authorities to those in Bucharest on September 30 and October 1, displeased some of them, irritated by the fact that these alerts were repeated including at night, almost in the morning.

The authorities sent, on Friday evening, the first message of the RO Alert type, after the disappearance of a childwho left home and never came back.

Are these with their Ro-alert sane? After being bombarded all day on all the news with Putin’s bravado of regional annexation and nuclear threats, plus the ecological disaster from those gas pipelines, the alert is ringing on the phones and we are panicking. The reason? A 13-year-old child from Galati disappeared a few hours ago. And they alert me, in Bucharest, at 10 in the evening. Since when did ro-alert become a missing persons service? C’mon ****, because I got angry!” – were the reactions of some on Facebook.

Dissatisfied left critical messages to RO-Alert and on the Facebook page of this alert system.

Here are some of them:

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– “Good evening, I’m from Bucharest and I received a sound alert on my phone at 21:37 that a young man was lost in Galați. Is such a thing possible??? I thought nuclear war had started! I DON’T WANT YOU TO BOTHER ME ANYMORE!”

– “Is it really necessary to give RO-alert messages for everything? You’re going to sound the alarm nationwide that someone at DSU has lost their car keys! On the rest of the planet, this system is used for MAJOR emergencies, not because it’s raining any harder or, more recently, because a person has disappeared (all sympathies to the family of that child, but why does THIS person deserve a ‘cataclysm’ message RO -Alert, especially how many missing persons are there only in Bucharest?). I really need to block the emergency number, what the hell?”

– “Galati County moved to Bucharest? I’m surprised you don’t tell us when the pope goes to church.”

A few minutes after the official announcement and the RO Alert message, the authorities informed that the boy had been found. But the alerts … continued to flow, it is true, not for all those in Bucharest, but only for some less fortunate ones.

Thus, some people received the same alert message 3 times during the night from Friday to Saturday, respectively at 00.38, 03.43 and 06.42.

“Whoever fell asleep with his head on the RO-Alert panic button, it’s clear that he only wanted to sleep tonight!” – wrote on Facebook the one who received these repeated alerts.

Why? The reason is not yet known. “From a technical point of view, the system had no problem“, IGSU representatives sent for Pro TV news.

They also claim that the alert was only given once, even though there are photos on social media showing that some people were alerted more than once.

According to information published on the official RO-Alert website, “a mobile phone that has received a warning message will not receive repeats of the same message.”

The system for warning the population in emergency situations RO-ALERT is established, operated and developed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the Department for Emergency Situations and the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations in order to broadcast messages warning the population in emergency situations, using the infrastructures of the networks of mobile communications operators in Romania and other means capable of broadcasting warning messages to the population (radio broadcasting, television, etc.).

“As responsible authorities, IGSU and DSU use the RO-ALERT System only for creating and broadcasting Cell Broadcast type messages to warn and alarm the population, according to legal provisions.”

Romanians have also complained about the RO-Alert system

It is not the first time that Romanians complain about the functionality of the RO-Alert system. This summer, when there were strong storms in Bucharest and other nearby towns, Ro-Alert messages reached some areas with delayafter the storm and hail had already wreaked havoc.

Also, there were cases where the phones rang of those in towns where there were only some summer rains…quiet.

The Secretary of State, Raed Arafat, tried to explain on his Facebook page how this was possible and claimed that these messages are necessary because they can save lives.

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