September 29, 2022

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The reactions of the people of Kyiv, after the streets of the city were filled with dozens of destroyed Russian tanks

Ukrainians put pressure on Russian air defenses in Crimea. For two days, several drones have been flying over Sevastopol, but also other cities on the peninsula.

Analysts believe that the Ukrainians are looking for gaps in the Russian defense. On Saturday, a drone fell right onto the roof of the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On the other hand, Kiev warns that Russia would prepare a large-scale operation before the Ukrainian Independence Day, celebrated on August 24. Also then, 6 months have passed since the invasion.

In Sevastopol, tracers lit up the sky all night

In the Crimean city of Sevastopol, Russian anti-aircraft artillery was active throughout the night. Under the terrified gaze of the locals, the tracers lit up the sky above the city for hours on end. Officials put in charge by the Russians in Crimea announced that they shot down several Ukrainian drones, but no one knows what their mission was.

It was the second night that the Ukrainians tested air defenses over the Russian Black Sea fleet headquarters. On Saturday, a Ukrainian commercial drone struck the very premises. Russian authorities said they shot down the drone, but it crashed on the… roof of the building.

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Russian soldiers

Crimea is no longer safe, Russian citizens say. More and more want to leave the occupied peninsula in 2014, especially after several Russian bases were mysteriously destroyed.

Marina Shkarina, resident of Sevastopol: “I heard an explosion. I heard two more similar ones the other day evening while we were walking along the beach. And this time the same distinctive boom was heard. It’s not clear what happened… but you get nervous because of these noises”.

On the front line, the fighting does not stop. In a video, a Russian radar system appears, hit hard by Ukrainian artillery with the help of American-made Excalibur guided projectiles.

Elsewhere on the front in Kharkiv, a Ukrainian soldier filmed the aftermath of a Russian shelling of his unit’s trenches.

“-Brelik, hello!
– Film!
– That’s what I’m doing now. This is how our positions burn!
– Film me!
– Yes Yes.
– The Russian bastards thought we were going to die! To hell with them!”

In the city of Konstantinivka, in the Donetsk region, Russian artillery destroyed several blocks and houses. Fortunately, the occupants escaped with their lives.

Local woman: “Everyone was at home, the attack took place after 12 at night. We shook the first time… after a few minutes, there were more explosions.”

Oleksiy Roslov, military administration: “Seven people were rescued from under the ruins, a woman was injured and is still in the hospital.”

Exhibition on the streets of Kyiv

During this time, the Ukrainian authorities organized a real exhibition with dozens of destroyed Russian armored vehicles, on a boulevard in Kyiv.

Irina Tupolenko, student and resident of Kyiv: “We will definitely win, in my opinion, and there is something very beautiful in this exhibition, because many patriots who want to defend their country meet here. And when everyone wants to help, morale goes up a lot. I think everything will be fine.”

The exhibition of Russian trophies was organized a few days before the national day of Ukraine – Independence Day – celebrated on August 24. The same day marks 6 months since the Russian invasion.

Volodymyr Zelensky, President of Ukraine: “The day of our flag, the day of our independence, the commemoration of war veterans who fought for the freedom of Ukraine is approaching. This year will be something unique: it is felt in the air that the (Russian) occupation is temporary and Ukraine will return”.

On the other hand, Ukrainians fear that Russia will launch attacks of the proportions on Ukraine’s national day, and all eyes are on the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Both sides accuse each other of bombing the plant premises.

British and American officials said any radiation leak caused by a potential Russian attack on Zaporozhye would trigger Article 5 of the NATO treaty: any attack on one member state would be considered an attack on the entire alliance.

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