December 9, 2022

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The problems on the energy market are multiplying, as well as the fines given by ANRE. How much do the penalties amount to?

The problems on the energy market are multiplying, as are the fines given by the Regulatory Authority in the field. 21,000,000 lei is the total amount of sanctions received by companies this year alone, and a record number of complaints was registered.

People complain that they have problems with the amounts appearing on the invoices and that if they want to change the supplier the procedure can take several months.

In the commune of Băbana in Argeș, almost a third of the households changed their energy supplier

In the commune of Băbana in Argeș, almost a third of the households have changed their electricity supplier. Some owners even twice because they had problems.

Bebe Ivan, mayor of Băbana:To top it off, the invoice came from both the old supplier and the new one. The old one came and told him that he also has the monopoly on interventions, disturbances and so on. Now, after a month, they switched again to the other supplier. Until they receive the answer, which takes some time, people are sitting with invoices from this and that. It’s a mess in this electricity distribution system“.

How long does it take to change energy supplier?

In other cases, people say that switching providers takes much longer than the 21 days it should.

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Local:I understand that they are waiting a long time, they are waiting three, four, five, six months. I also received an offer about a month or so ago, two months ago, in the mailbox, I also tried to see if it is much better“.

The problems with changing the supplier and those with bills, most often complained by electricity consumers

Problems with changing the supplier and those with invoices are most often complained about by electricity consumers, at ANRE. Because the bills are getting higher, the number of those who want to change their contracts for a better rate has also increased. People have also banded together in social media groups, such as this group with over 40,000 members.

Viorel Sava, creator of the group: There were a lot of regulations in the market that not all providers implemented in their billing process. This is where the syncopation in the issuing of invoices also appeared“.

More than 27,000 complaints reached ANRE

Along with the increase in energy prices, the problems and complaints sent by consumers also increased. ANRE received more than 27,000 complaints in total, in the first eight months of the year. They are already almost three times more compared to 2020 and above those recorded last year as well. ANRE inspectors went to the controls and in many cases they found problems, so they fined the suppliers and distributors with over 21,000,000 lei in total, of which 18,000,000 are for the electricity companies.

If we talk about electricity suppliers, Enel, Electrica Furnizare, Eon and Hidroelectrica are among the most sanctioned, and among natural gas suppliers Cez, E.ON and Engie. In the case of Hidroelectrica, company representatives told PRO TV News that some of the fines were contested in court. Engie, on the other hand, announces that the company’s streams have been overloaded due to legislative changes, and particular problems have been fixed.

The other companies have not yet submitted a point of view.

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