March 25, 2023

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The name of IPS Teodosie, in the sexual scandal related to the MP expelled from PSD. “The lover monk” returns with clarifications

The scandal in which Aurel Bălășoiu is involved, but out of the PSD, after appearing in images in intimate poses with a minor, continues with the involvement of big church names.

According to some information, the deputy also had sexual relations with a monk, who told the media that the meeting between Aurel Bălășaiiu and the young man with whom the deputy allegedly had sexual relations was mediated by IPS Teodosie, according to Gândul.

The facts were denied by the Archbishopric of Tomis. The representatives of the Archdiocese made clarifications about the accusations brought by Cristi Călin, called by the press “the lover monk”, who they say is part of a “pirate church”, not of the BOR.

“Regarding the accusations brought against IPS Teodosie by Cristi Călin, called in the press the ‘monk-lover’, we make the following clarifications: IPS Teodosie has nothing to do with the case of deputy Aurel Bălășoiu, whom he only saw at services for a sick person, close to the deputy. If someone accuses IPS Teodosie, they must also present evidence, otherwise the accusations become slander. We have serious doubts about the credibility of the information that Cristi Călin releases with reference to IPS Teodosie, while, as he himself declares in the interview, he acts out of frustration for the fact that he was expelled from monasticism and expelled from two Theology Faculties, as a result of behavior proven incompatible with Christian morality: slander, unauthorized trade, illegal wearing of clerical uniform, currently being part of a pirate church, by no means of the BOR, and in the Archdiocese of Tomis he was detected, last year, illegally collecting money in the name of the Church”, it is stated on the Facebook page of the Archdiocese of Tomis.

The Bishop of Tulcea is also accused

According to the same material and the monk, the bishop of Tulcea, ÎPS Visarion Bălțat, would also be involved and accused of having raped the young man who appeared in images with the deputy.

After the appearance of the material, the Diocese of Tulcea sent a reaction, stating that they took “note with sorrow and astonishment of the derogatory materials that appeared on October 3, 2022 in the mass media, addressed to the Most Reverend Father Visarion, the Bishop of Tulcea”.

“These unfounded and hallucinatory accusations launched in the press by Cristi Călin, a person who acts against the backdrop of frustrations brought by the exclusion from monasticism and the expulsion from two Theology Faculties, as a result of behavior proven incompatible with Christian morality: slander, sexual scandals , illegal wearing of clerical uniform, etc. bring damage to the image of the Orthodox Church as a whole, as well as to the clergy and believers of Tulcena, but, above all, to the diocesan hierarch. We urge the clergy and the faithful of Tulcena to spiritual discernment, and above all to persistent prayer so that the Truth will come to light, and peace of mind and eternal trust in the spiritual and moral values ​​of the Christian faith will be established as soon as possible,” the statement reads. bishopric.

The details of Cristi Călin

After these reactions, Cristi Călin provided new details on Facebook. In a post, he wrote how he got in touch with various people in the Church, stating that he has pictures, videos, text and audio messages with IPS Teodosie Archbishop of Tomis
IPS Varsanufie the Archbishop of Râmnic, IPS Calinic the Archbishop of Argeș and Mucel and PS Visarion the bishop of Tulcea in intimate poses.

“My name is Călin Cristi, a graduate of the Orthodox Theological Seminary in Iași, class of 2012, a graduate of the Academy of Orthodox Theology in the Republic of Moldova with master’s studies, I am informing you of the following: In 2013, I was expelled from the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Alba Iulia because the bishop’s blessing was withdrawn from me by IPS Joachim the archbishop of Romania and Bacău whose spiritual son I was and am. Since 2013 I have not received a blessing to study at any Faculty of Theology within the Romanian Orthodox Church because I refused the sexual advances of the part of the abbot from Calapodesti monastery, Bacău county. Following these reports to the leadership of the Archdiocese of Romanian and Bacău, I was the one who was sanctioned even though I had no fault. Receiving this punishment from the Romanian Orthodox Church, I promised God that I would shed light and I fight for all homosexuals in the Church to be discovered and eliminated according to the canon our saints. That’s how I started a fight alone, helped by a few people who were also victims of the abuses of some hierarchs”, he wrote on Facebook, in a message addressed to Patriarch Daniel.

He stated that “for 10 years, I have discovered dozens of consecrated persons (deacons, priests, bishops) who are homosexuals and pedophiles, thereby committing very serious crimes. In most of the cases I discovered, I tried to solve the problem internally (BOR) , but when I saw that there was an attempt to cover them up, then I notified the competent judicial bodies and the public opinion (civil press). In the fall of this year, I met the PSD deputy from Argeș Bălășoiu Aurel and the theologian Iosiv Cristian Ionuț, they being homosexuals and bisexuals and considering their qualities and the position of the deputy in the Romanian Parliament, I took the opportunity and introduced myself into their circles of friends, thus obtaining from them pictures, videos, textual and audio messages in which they present them in an intimate and sexual posture on the following individuals: IPS Teodosie the Archbishop of Tomis, IPS Varsanufie the Archbishop of Râmnic, IPS Calinic the Archbishop of Argeș and Mucel, PS Visarion the bishop Tulci, Deputy Balasoiu Aurel a graduate of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Pitesti County Argeş, Iosiv Ionuț Cristian a graduate of the Theological Seminary and the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Constanta”, he continued.

The scandal comes in the context in which Father Visarion Alexa is involved in another big sexual scandal, being accused by several women of sexual aggression.

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