October 2, 2022

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The Muresian whirlpool a real success – News from Mures, News Targu mures

The Târgu Mureșului center was filled to the brim on Sunday evening, where the ninth edition of the Muresene Whirlwind ended with the concerts performed by the bands Beatrice and Ákos. Over three hundred programs took place during the six-day event, making this edition a record in many ways. The concert organized on Sunday evening under the auspices of Vâltoria Muresene gathered the most participants so far, we can be proud of the most theater performances and numerous literary programs and we managed to attract a record number of young people.

The over three hundred programs of the ninth edition of the Muresene Whirlwind took place for six days, some of the events already starting on Tuesday, and on Thursday the real hustle and bustle in the city began. In addition to the main location, the Medieval Citadel, various programs were also held in twenty other locations.

The most successful edition

No edition so far has managed to mobilize as many families as this year’s edition. This was primarily due to the environment and charm of the Citadel, as well as the warm weather, but especially to the programs for families and children offered for three days by the Ardelenești House of Traditions Foundation in Curtea Folk, the partner organizations affiliated to Vâltorii Muresene in “Csicsergő” and by to the sponsors of the event.

“Our offer of theater performances was very varied: the Spectrum Theater in Târgu-Mures in cooperation with the National Theater in Budapest brought five performances, the Jókai Theater in Komárom played for the first time in our city, was with us and the artist András Berecz, but we were also able to enjoy programs supported by local actors and puppeteers, and the Târgu-Mureș National Theater brought its popular play for children, The Enchanted House, to the Cetate. We had a day where theater lovers could choose from three theater performances” – emphasized the main organizer, Orsolya Jakab.

The Muresean Whirlwind is an event that transcends the borders between generations and countries. The proof is the excited children and the relaxed families who filled the Cetatea throughout the weekend, and then on Friday evening, at the concert of the Apostol band, the elderly also came in large numbers and sang the band’s hits, and on Friday night hundreds of young people had fun at the after party the party organized for the first time by Vâltoarea Mureșeană. The president of the “Association for Tîrgu-Mureș”, Katalin Szente, emphasized that the Vâltoarea Mureșă goes beyond not only the borders between generations, but also the borders of the country.

“Many organizations in Hungary, such as the Mathias Corvinus College or the Petőfi Cultural Association, but also the city of Nyíregyháza contributed to the value of the festival with several programs, as well as performances by actors from Beregszász and Komárom. Guests from Vojvodina and Felvidék-Slovakia also participated in our round tables organized at the Discussion Forum”, emphasized Katalin Szente, according to whom Vâltoarea Mureșeana has proven in recent years that only the name is Muresian, because in reality, Vâltoarea Mureșeana is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Transylvania, a series of events that attracts bigger and bigger crowds every year, both in terms of participants and guests.

“According to our co-organizers and program coordinators, the Romanian community was present in the largest number this year. We are glad that Vâltoarea Mureșeă could speak for all the people of Târgu-Mureș and its surroundings”, added the president of the “Association for Tîrgu-Mureș”.

Most of the participants, however, were attracted by the closing concerts. About 25,000 people spent Sunday night in the city center, where the party started with the concert by the band Beatrice and ended with the concert by Ákos, according to a press release issued by the organizers of this year’s edition.

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