October 2, 2022

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The “Mureșean Whirlwind” has begun, an event organized under the patronage of the President of the Hungarian Parliament – News from Mures, News Targu mures

Vâltoarea Mureseană, which meanwhile has become one of the most colorful and comprehensive family events in Transylvania, was created nine years ago with the aim of awakening the hope of Târgumures residents and adding value to the community. This was the message of the president of the “Association for Tîrgu-Mureș”, Katalin Szente, with which the series of events of the ninth edition of the Muresian Whirlwind officially opened.

This year life has resumed its normal course and we can enjoy our daily lives without restrictions, where culture can also come back in force. The mission of Vâltoria Muresene, organized under the patronage of the President of the Hungarian Parliament, Dr. László Kövér, took shape even more clearly this year.

“It’s undeniable that doing something independently and achieving a goal is clearly already an achievement, but acting together and counting on each other in a community is a huge achievement. We, from Vâltoarea Mureșeană, continue to work precisely so that our actions move mountains and our voice is heard far and wide. Let’s not only rely on each other, let’s not only count for each other, but let our community count in the world” – emphasized Katalin Szente, the president of the association.

Ferenc Péter, president of the Mureș County Council, highlighted the quality of the series of events in his speech: “For nine years now, the Vâltoarea Mureșeă not only shows the way forward, but also offers an opportunity for distance, relaxation, rest. It not only builds the community and strengthens interpersonal relations, but also never loses sight of the cultural values ​​that unite us and that define the existence of the Hungarian community for a hundred years in Transylvania.”

Zoltán Soós, the former main organizer of the Muresian Whirlwind, told those present at the opening that he was happy to welcome them for the second time as mayor of Târgu-Mureș and because we could celebrate in the heart of the city for the second time. “Development. Cooperation. Community building. These are the three words that, in his opinion, characterize Vâltoarea Muresăă,” said the city leader. “We created Vâltoarea Mureseană with the aim of strengthening and developing our community (…) I am proud of this community, because we have demonstrated that we are capable of development, we are open to new ideas and we cooperate for change. It is not a state of constant agreement, but there is the possibility of expressing conflicting opinions and arguments. We must constantly provide the best possible answer to the question of how we can be better.”

In his speech, Lóránt Vincze, a member of the European Parliament, drew attention to the importance of Vâltoria Muresene. As he said: “The success of Vâltoria Muresene this year and in the years to come depends on the audience. Our presence is the guarantee of future editions. Let’s be curious, open and eager! Let’s be like the symbol of the festival, the wind chime: colorful, playful, flexible, but confident and persistent at the same time. This year, let’s visit beloved and familiar places and programs and some events that are new or even unusual to us.”

Dr. Péter Szilágyi, Undersecretary of State for National Policy at the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, warmly welcomed the participants on behalf of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office’s State Secretariat for National Policy. As this year we remember the life and work of Áron Tamási on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of his birth, he began his speech with a quote from Áron Tamási: “We do not emphasize what sometimes divides us into minor things , but on what unites us in an irrevocable way. And it does not only unite us, or the young with the old or the man with the woman, but it also unites our ancestors with the living and with the descendants. This is how the national identity is formed, which is the only one capable of achieving true unity”. The choice of the quote was not accidental, because the motto of Vâltoria Muresene is “We unite”. As he said, this unity will be much needed in the difficult period ahead. The unity of Hungarians is a guarantee that we can feel safe in any circumstance.

Dr. Péter Szilágyi wished the participants of the event that during this edition of the Muresene Whirlwind, they would feel that there is something that, regardless of space and time, but still during and in the location of the programs unites us in the most direct way! May this year’s event also be the expression of our national culture, the expression of peace and future collaboration.

The opening of the ninth edition of Vâltoria Muresene ended with a performance of folk music and folk dance supported by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, Ce dispare, ici se se regather – Ode to the singing bird, based on the original work by Áron Tamási.

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