December 9, 2022

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The motion against the Minister of Energy, voted today in Parliament

The Chamber of Deputies will, on Wednesday, vote on the simple motion initiated by the USR against the Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu.

The debates on the motion entitled “Romania without energy. Romanians pay the bill for Virgil Popescu’s incompetence” took place in Tuesday’s meeting.

In the motion, USR claims that any extra day in which Virgil Popescu is minister means “one more hour of cold that Romanians will endure in winter”.

“Virgil Popescu is a never-ending source of incompetence. He is the emblem of this failed government, made up of not very smart guys. And this can be seen in the bills of every consumer in Romania. It started to show painfully on the card of employees in the manufacturing industry. And it sees in the debt from the budget that the Government of Romania has to pay to the electricity supply companies: 40 billion lei – even if in recent weeks this figure has been played more like roulette,” the document states.

The signatories criticized the scheme for compensating and capping the price of energy, “perfected by Virgil Popescu”, arguing that this is a “trick”, a “trick” or a “maneuver”, which generated panic and uncertainty.

The initiators also claim that “Virgil Popescu brought the economy to a standstill” and mention that, in the three years of Minister Popescu’s mandate, Romania has gone from a market with low energy prices to the highest prices in the European Union.

The Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, stated, at the debates on Tuesday, that the simple motion of the USR is prepared as “a Romanian pot with vegetables”, seasoned with “lies”, “exaggerations” and an “unmistakable flavor of panic”.

“About the motion, I can tell you that it was made exactly as you prepare a Romanian pot of vegetables, something for everyone, a few messages (…), all seasoned with lies, exaggerations and an unmistakable flavor of panic. I don’t know who exactly he drafted this document called a motion, but I can tell you that he is a man of extraordinary cynicism. To lie in front of the Parliament and in front of the Romanians about the lives lost at the Oltenia Energy Complex is dishonorable and disqualifying,” he declared.

Virgil Popescu accused the USR elected officials of “sabotaging Romania in person” in Brussels

“USR, I accuse you of undermining the Romanian energy sector,” the minister said, adding that he requests measures against USR MEPs who oppose hydro energy in Romania and Europe.

He said that the PSD – PNL Government discouraged speculation by adopting the emergency ordinance last week, claiming that the motion contains lies.

Popescu asked the signatories of the motion to show how much they pay for the energy bill, noting that he pays a bill of 120 lei for his house in Bucharest, having a consumption of 140 kwh.

Virgil Popescu mentioned that the Government, together with the representatives of important energy companies, in which the state is the majority shareholder, tried to make the best investment decisions for Romania to become an energy independent country.

“Romania will be, sooner than some wish, energy independent. Offshore gas exploitation began this year, with the perimeters exploited by BSOG. The perimeters that Romgaz purchased from Exxon will follow until 2026. They will the perimeters from Caragele deep also followed”, the Minister of Energy also claimed.

He specified that investments were started in the energy sector “as never before in the modern history of Romania”, the Ministry of Energy allocating more resources this year than in all 32 years since the Revolution.

The minister also said that the motion is “a political statement on steroids”.

“This is not a simple motion, some of its authors are simpler. It is a political statement on steroids, good only to shake things up a bit, as if the border war and the delicate European context were not enough. In the name of energy security of Romania, please reject it”, said Virgil Popescu.

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