October 2, 2022

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The hottest pepper in the world was created in Romania. It is in the approval procedure

If you knew that the most terrible chili peppers in the world are from the Americans or from the Mexicans, things could change. And that’s because the hottest pepper on the planet is, more recently, a Romanian one.

It was created in Buzău by researchers and is in the homologation procedure. It has already caused a sensation at the world congress in Paris. According to specialists, compared to an ordinary hot pepper, the one from Buzău has a “hotness” of at least two thousand times greater.

Romanian specialists in plant genetics crossed a local hot pepper variety with several international varieties. The research started when a local sausage and babic producer from Buzău asked the agronomic engineers to produce a pepper variety that would be a bit more spicy and help him in the manufacturing process. This is how the pairing was reached, from which the hottest pepper in the world was obtained, the Romanians say.

Costel Vinatoru, director of the Plant Genetic Resources Bank Buzău: The oldest Romanian variety of hot pepper, popularly known as goat’s horn hot pepper, was involved in crossing, and he helped us to obtain the hottest pepper, considered the hottest pepper in the world.”

The “hot level” is set internationally according to the Scoville unit which measures the level of capsaicin in the pepper, an organic substance present in different species of hot peppers.

Who holds the official record

According to the Guinness Book, the world record for the hottest pepper is held by the Carolina Reaper, which originated in the United States.

However, according to the researchers from Buzău, the pepper obtained by them, which still does not have a name, has a constant of 2.4 million Scoville units, thus surpassing the world leader in hotness. The Romanian invention is in the homologation procedure.

Costel Vinatoru, director of the Plant Genetic Resources Bank Buzău: “We achieved this first, this unbroken record to date. What we presented there, a chili that exceeds 2,400,000 units.”

An American grows in Romania the most expensive hot pepper in the world

And the chili industry is booming. However, an American citizen, after marrying a Romanian woman, settled in Galați where he has several restaurants and grows various types of hot peppers for sophisticated menus. Freddy’s garden also grows the most expensive chili pepper in the world, Aji Charapita.

“This one from Peru, the most expensive. It might cost like a thousand dollars. That’s Yellow Scorpion and Carolina Viper – one of the hottest peppers in the world/You can’t eat it raw. We process it – we put on gloves and a mask. On the hands, on the eyes, it’s harmful. But… gorgeous!” he declared.

The hottest peppers in the world, in Alba

In Ciugud, in Alba, a young man passionate about exotic crops bought seeds from England two years ago to grow the hottest peppers in the world. Now he has three such varieties, extremely spicy, in his greenhouse. Peppers of these varieties need high temperatures and almost five months before they can be picked.

Florian Hada, hot pepper producer: “They can be dried, they can be eaten fresh and the strong ones at the moment are the Carolina Reaper which are between 1.4 million and 2 million on the Scoville scale. They are extremely, extremely hot not everyone can eat them.”

And part of the harvest ends up being used even in desserts. For example, some confectioners use hot pepper to get a very special taste for a vanilla caramel cream.

Cosmin Toma chef: “I made a caramel creme that’s very smooth, a little sweet, bitter, and I added chilies that give it a special flavor/but the star is the chilies.”

Since in Romania the areas cultivated with hot peppers are too small, even the Ministry of Agriculture does not know the total amount harvested.

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