March 25, 2023

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The head of European diplomacy warns that the war in Ukraine is entering a dangerous phase

The high representative of the European Union for foreign affairs, Josep Borrell, warned on Wednesday that the war in Ukraine is entering a new “dangerous” phase and a “scary scenario”, reports EFE, according to Agerpres.

“The war has entered a new phase. An undoubtedly dangerous phase, because we are facing a scary scenario, about which we must not close our eyes,” Borrell said in an intervention in the plenary session of the European Parliament, gathered in plenary session in Strasbourg.

The head of European diplomacy said that the news from the battlefield “is good for Ukraine”, which is “resuming the offensive”. Instead, he warned that this conflict is “a conventional war in which a nuclear power is involved, a nuclear power that is currently failing in conventional conflict and that threatens to use nuclear weapons.”

“It is certainly a worrying scenario in which we must demonstrate that our support for Ukraine is not weakening,” he insisted.

Borrell explained that Ukrainian forces are advancing on three fronts, but recalled that Russia “continues to have numerical superiority and fire superiority (…)”. For this reason, Borrell explained that the Ukrainian forces are developing a combat tactic “extraordinarily agile, of extraordinary intelligence, surrounding Russian strong areas, creating ‘islands’ that end up being destroyed even by the very withdrawal of the Russian army”, and In this way, the Ukrainians “limit their losses and advance on the field of operations in a way that no one could anticipate”.

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nuclear weapons

“The situation of the Russian army is very bad, among other things because the Russian soldiers do not know what this war is for, and the 300,000 who will be taken out of their homes to be taken to the front will understand even less”, said the head of diplomacy European.

Borrell emphasized that the war in Ukraine “can be won on the battlefield”, but expressed his opinion that this conflict “must be won primarily on the field of ideas”. He explained that, beyond the conflict taking place on Ukrainian territory, “a war for the supremacy of values” is being waged, in the context in which Russia “carries out an intense campaign around the world to explain that the consequences of this war do not come from the war itself, but from the sanctions we imposed”.

In this sense, Borrell insisted that the EU must make “a huge diplomatic effort to explain to the world what is the purpose of this war” and pointed out that the war in Ukraine “cannot end because of the fatigue of the Western world”.

Russian President Vladimir “Putin believes that democracies are weak. That the population cannot stand a cold winter. He hopes that General Winter will come, who always saved the Russian army at the last moment,” Borrell said, referring to the fact that the Kremlin leader “wait for the cold, gas supply interruptions, high prices and low temperatures to undermine our will to continue supporting Ukraine”.

“Now is the time to ask the Europeans to understand what is at stake,” Borrell told the MEPs.

In his view, the war “can only end in a way that ensures peace”, with Ukraine regaining its territorial integrity and full sovereignty and with Russia assuming political and moral responsibility, paying for reconstruction and answering for crimes committed .

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