March 25, 2023

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The GIO Association and the baptism of over 350 children – Mures News, Targu Mures News

Dr. Iulia Maria Rădeanu

From one minute to the next, a woman’s life can change following a positive pregnancy test. From one minute to the next she can be left by her partner for this reason, she realizes that her professional life has not reached its peak, that the lack of financial resources limits her and even violates her right to have a child, that her parents and friends do not want her understand and they will blame her, and that there are still many other reasons why she wants an abortion. Who to talk to? Who should tell the problems?

Dr. Rădeanu Iulia-Maria is the founder of the first pro-life center in Mureș county, the GIO Association (Generații Iubite si Crotite). Here, women in crisis pregnancy, at risk of abandoning their children, are helped physically, emotionally, spiritually. A number of 60 children were brought into the world thanks to the GIO team and more than 350 other children baptized.

Dr. Iulia Maria Rădeanu, soon the GIO Association will organize a large event.

Yes, because autumn is the time of fruits, we propose a meeting that will fill the pantry of our soul. On Saturday, October 15, 2022, at the Grand Hotel in Târgu Mureș, 3rd floor, the conference entitled “The medical act in a Christian perspective” will be held, supported by two distinguished guests, a doctor and a theologian: Prof. Univ. Dr. Miron Alexandru Bogdan and Prof. Univ. Dr. Nicolae Adrian Lemeni.

Who is this dialogue addressed to?

The meeting is intended to be an interdisciplinary dialogue in which it will be discussed how the Christian perspective is complementary to the medical perspective, both contributing to the strengthening of human health as a whole, body and soul. This event is addressed to the medical community in Târgu Mureș and to all those who are interested in deepening the relationship between medical science and faith, the medical act seen from the perspective of the patient, doctor and how we can build bridges between body and soul.

I would like to remind our readers of the activity of the GIO Association.

The conference is organized by the “St. Hierarch Nicolae” from the Mureș County Clinical Hospital, represented by Fr. Marius Fărcaș and the Beloved and Protected Generations Association (GIO). This supports women in crisis pregnancy, when abortion appears as another alternative to continuing the natural course of pregnancy. The association’s volunteers, doctors, psychologists and specialists in different fields, offer free counseling to women, helping to give birth to many babies who, perhaps, would not have been born without their intervention.

Also, the community of the Gio association offers material and medical support both to the mother carrying a new life in her womb and to her family.

Tell me a little bit about the first guest.

Professor of pneumology at the Carol Davila University in Bucharest, as well as at the Paris-Sud University, Miron Bogdan is one of the few specialists who thought it was better to return home, than to stay “outside”. “I thought I could bring to Romania what I learned in France”. Patriotism is not a facade, it has a deep spring anchored in the love of country and faith. He is the author and co-author of more than 250 scientific papers published in important Romanian and international medical publications or presented in important Romanian medical manuals and monographs. He also made an important contribution to the training of hundreds of students and resident doctors in the specialty of pulmonology, internal medicine and general medicine.

The second guest is Adrian Lemeni.

Lecturer Adrian Lemeni will arrive precisely from Bucharest to be present in our midst and to offer us a brief respite for reflection on one of the foundations of the Christian faith, but also of humanity in general: sacrificial love and its transfiguring capacity. His Highness teaches Apologetics at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest, presenting to young people the relationships and the relationship that exists between science and faith, thus building a constructive dialogue in both directions; emphasizing in this dialogue that we must not reject culture because it can make the human dough grow beyond its usual measure. In the past, he held the position of Secretary of State for Cults, diligently working and working hard to draft the Law for Cults from 2006. Beyond the numerous publications and books that came out of his efforts, Adrian Lemeni always sought to assert the power authenticity that gives life at the expense of any legalistic system that kills the living, sought to address the soul of his interlocutors, be they students or ordinary people, emphasizing the essential role of assuming the Christian condition. Following the line of the Holy Fathers, he showed that the most important thing, when you do something, is the spirit in which you do it, because the unseen structures the seen. And the measure of our genuine relationship to life is continuous and sustained effort in all that we undertake.

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